The top five largest hockey arenas of the world

In case you are a real hockey enthusiast, you are certainly aware of the list of the top hockey arenas of the world when it comes to their size. Yet, if you have just got interested in this sport, it is quite possible you have not reached the topic of the hockey arenas yet. In such a situation, it might be curious for you to learn which hockey arenas are actually the greatest in the world at the moment.

In order to provide you with such an essential part of the information about the development and history of hockey, we have created this list of the five greatest hockey arenas of the world which comprises facts not only about the location of these arenas as well as their capacity, but also about their home teams. By the way, do not look at this list as at the rating as there is no ascending or descending order.

The leaders of the hockey world

The first five greatest arenas of the world used for playing hockey are situated in Canada and the USA. Actually, these countries are known for their most impressive hockey arenas. This might be a curious fact since, when it comes to Canada, everyone knows that this country together with Russia are the ultimate leaders of hockey sport in the world. The USA is also one of the leading countries when it comes to the outstanding successes and prominent players, however, it does not have such a glorious career in hockey as it can be seen in the case of Canada and Russia. Still, the country is paying a lot of attention to the facilities needed for training hockey players and organising hockey events. For that reason, a number of the most massive hockey arenas of the world are located in the USA.

Joe Louis Arena

Actually, the largest hockey arena of North America is Joe Louis Arena which is featured with the capacity of 20,027 people and this is exactly the second greatest arena used for playing hockey in the entire world. This arena is located in Detroit and it is a home to the Detroit Red Wings team.

Bell Centre

Yet, the number one greatest hockey arena of the world is situated in Montreal, Canada and it is legendary Bell Centre. Needless to say, the place is widely known in the entire world and it is very notable. The capacity of this place is greater than the capacity of Joe Louis Arena described above by 1,271 which is a spectacular difference. If you are a real hockey fan, you certainly do not need to be introduced to the home team of Bell Centre which Montreal Canadiens.

Scotiabank Saddledome

Interestingly, the second greatest Canadian hockey arena is actually the last one on our list of the five largest hockey arenas of the world as the third and the fourth greatest arenas are located in the USA. This Canadian arena is Scotiabank Saddledome with its capacity of 19,289 is the home of Calgary Flames. As you can guess from the name, the arena is situated in Calgary. By the way, the sixth largest hockey arena which is probably should not be on this list has exactly the same capacity as the Canadian arena. This one is BB&T Center situated in Sunrise in the USA. For your interest, this is the home of Florida Panthers.

United Center

Let’s come back to the third and the fourth largest arenas of the world which we have already mentioned above.

Undeniably, the third greatest hockey arena is another world-famous place which has its crazy fame due to the popularity of its team which is Chicago Blackhawks. This place is legendary United Center located in Chicago. The capacity of this hockey arena is 19,700 people.

Wells Fargo Center

The fourth largest arena is Wells Fargo Center which is situated in Philadelphia. This is the home of another well-known hockey team which is Philadelphia Flyers. The capacity of this hockey arena is pretty close to the previous one as it is 19,289.