The best films about hockey

Every serious hockey fan loves watching films about hockey as they can provide them with the ultimate experience of witnessing amazing hockey events even during the season that actually lacks any real-time hockey events. If you are thinking about organising your time as well, you should check our list of the best films about hockey.

The Sweater

This list starts with the shortest movie which is actually a cartoon that was released in 1979. It lasts only ten minutes, so you certainly can give it a try, especially it shows one of the most common problems of young hockey fans living with the parents who are not sharing their interests. Certainly, it is not uncommon for them to receive hockey-related souvenirs as a gift for the most crucial holidays of the year such as Christmas or a birthday only to figure out the gift is about a team they actually hate.

As funny and tragic is it, you should check it and relate if you can.


If you have ever watched Roadhouse or Point Break or just enjoy unintentional comedies, you should check Youngblood released in 1986. This film is simply hilarious showing the road to success of a farm boy with nice hockey skills but may be too soft personality for being an effective player. This film was one of the hockey favourites and it was one of the most popular hockey films played during the playoffs of the Stanley Cup.

Net Worth

The Net Worth released in 1995 is the film focusing on various issues concerning the hockey career relevant especially to the NHL players. This is the film who enjoys seeing hardships of players and the way they are overcoming them

Legends of Hockey

In this case, we are speaking about Legends of Hockey released in 1996. For young generation of fans, this film might be less appealing, however, its essence is in the history lessons it provides with. The film represents a collection of information on each of the NHL decades and offers not only a lot of curious and real facts but also actual interviews with your favourite players.

This is certainly you should watch for educational purposes.

Les Boys

Les Boys released in 1997 is recommended for watching English or French as these language versions are regarded as the most successful in relating the exact tests of this film.

The idea of Les Boys is again about the most romantic story of hockey in which a team with rather poor chances of winning has to win anyway. In this case, players are going to participate in hockey games as a part of a strategy for saving their property.