More hockey films for you to enjoy during a playoff

If you are suffering because of a lack of hockey events right now, you should switch to watching films about hockey. Fortunately, there is a great variety of them and you will hardly have enough time to explore all of them.

The Mighty Ducks Franchise I, II, III

The Mighty Ducks Franchise I, II, III was released during four years. It started in 1992 and the last film was presented to the public in 1996. Comparing these films to Legends of Hockey, it seems they will be more appealing to younger generation. Also pay attention the films were made by Disney, so they do not suffer from a lack of financing or poor directing.

The idea of all of these films is curious and simple at the same time, while it definitely is able to create some excitement.

Here, you will see a reluctant hockey coach dealing with a team of not especially skilful players. While they are struggling with their own problems and do not appear as the ones who can achieve anything special in their hockey careers, it turns out they become a huge success beating the all-time favourite teams in each part of the franchise.

Mystery, Alaska

One more film about hockey covering the popular topic of an unknown small and seeming unprofessional team showing great results fighting against a real celebrity. In this case, a pond hockey team playing locally in Alaska is confronted with the New York Rangers. The whole event is depicted in such a way, so that you can actually get a feeling the local team had strong chances to win.

Again, this is one of the films that can make you forget about everything and get absorbed by the thrill of the game action. Mystery, Alaska is from 1999.

The Rhino Brothers

Well, if you have already watched Youngblood and loved that film, you might be willing to watch something similar. There is one for you called The Rhino Brothers which will give you and impression of a continuation of Youngblood ten years later, albeit it was released 16 years later, in 2002.

The film depicts a story of the boy coming from a dysfunctional family dreaming about having an NHL player and what can possible happen under such conditions. Even though this film was pretty low on budget especially if you compare it to other popular hockey films, you will still enjoy it very much.

Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story

Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky Story released in 2005 is more thought-provoking and touching story about hockey.