The films about hockey you certainly should watch

There is plenty of films about hockey, however, not all of them are equally good. If you do not have enough time to waste it on the films that will not give you any pleasure, you should start from the best films right away and this article will provide you with a list of amazing options.

Canada Russia ‘72

If you prefer hockey films that are giving you the vibe of a documentary, Canada Russia ’72 released in 2006 will give you a great experience.

This film is actually a miniseries depicting the battle between Canada and the Soviet Union during the Summit Series that took place in the summer of 1972. Just like it was so popular during that time, Canada underestimated the skills of the Soviet team and they paid quite a lot of effort to finally defeat the team in the eighth game filled with particular thrill.


Goon is another comedy about hockey, however, it is more suitable for the adults as it is filled with bathroom humour and is also rich in violence. With all of that, you can still find it extremely entertaining while following the battle between a real hockey veteran and a minor team.

This film was released in 2011.

Legend No. 17

Although Legend No. 17 that has never earned a privilege to get to North America, this film is one of the most beloved films about hockey. This is one of the biographical films showing the career path of Valeri Kharlamov who was one of the most talented Sopviet players.

His story was indeed curious since Valeri was considered to be too small for becoming a professional hockey player, however, he managed to prove his skills despite these odds. This player helped to bring his country Olympic gold medals in 1972.

Indian Horse

Indian Horse released in 2017 touches the topics that are almost never mentioned in the hockey community. They are rather serious though.

The protagonist living under rather difficult conditions typical for indigenous Canadian people is trying to survive its abuse, racism and corruption is still moving towards his dream of becoming a professional hockey player.

Other curious films about hockey you should watch

Certainly, there are more amazing films dedicated to hockey that will give you a great time while watching them. You can watch Slapshot from 1977 and if you are interested in newer films, pay attention to Miracle from 2004, The Rocket: The Maurice Richard Story released in 2005, Pond Hockey from 2008.