The largest hockey arenas of Canada

If you are a real fan of hockey, you should know not only about the most notable hockey players but also about the largest arenas in the world used for playing hockey. In case you still have not learnt these facts about hockey, this article will provide you with the list of the biggest hockey arenas so that you will know where to go the next time to enjoy an ultimate experience of watching a hockey match.

There is no secret in the fact that Canada is regarded to be one of the top leaders in hockey so, it comes natural that this country also has a lot of huge hockey arenas some of which are certainly on the list of the largest hockey arenas of the world. You might have already checked our article about the top five largest hockey arenas of the world, so you know a part of them is indeed located in Canada. Yet, it is also crucial to know there are many other particularly large arenas located in this country.

Bell Centre

In all likelihood, you are already aware of the fact the greatest hockey arena of the world is located in Montreal and it has the capacity of 21,288. The arena is undeniably outstanding Bell Centre which is the home to Montreal Canadiens. Note that even though other greatest hockey arenas of the world have quite large capacity and for a couple of them it overcomes 19,000, even the second world largest hockey arena which is Joe Louis Arena situated in Detroit, the USA, is smaller by over a thousand of people that Bell Centre when it comes to its capacity. This means the capacity of Bell Center is indeed one-of-a-kind.

Scotiabank Saddledome

Even though the greatest hockey arena of the world is located in Canada, the second, the third and the fourth largest arenas are all situated in the USA. The next largest arena is situated in the Canadian city of Calgary and it has capacity of 19,289. It is curious that this arena which is the home to Calgary Flames is actually featured with exactly the same capacity as the BB&T Center arena which is located in Sunrise and this is an American city.

Canadian Tire Centre

The next largest Canadian hockey arena is Canadian Tire Centre which is the world’s eights hockey arena. The capacity of this sports construction is 19,153 and this is pretty close to the capacity of Amalie Arena in Tampa, the USA with its capacity of 19,204 people and is even closer to the capacity of Scottrade Center which is located in St. Louis, the USDA. The capacity of the letter one is 19,153 people which is only three people further from Canadian Tire Centre. By the way, this hockey arena has Ottawa Senators as its home team.

Rogers Arena

Vancouver also has its massive hockey arena which is the world’s largest eleventh arena. This sports complex is known as Rogers arena and it is a home to the outstanding team of Vancouver Canucks. The capacity of this arena is 18,910 people.

Air Canada Centre

The next position on the rating of the greatest hockey arenas of the world is Air Canada Centre which is the home to one of the most notable Canadian and world hockey teams which is certainly Toronto Maple Leafs. As you can guess, this arena is located in Toronto. Its capacity is only 110 people less than the capacity of Rogers Arena.

Rogers Place

There are many other large hockey arenas located in Canada which are a way greater than the largest arenas located in other countries even though they are not thus impressive as the ones described in this article. If we are to stop on listing them by limiting our rating only to the fifteen greatest hockey arenas of the world, there will be one more Canadian arena on the list which is Rogers Place. This hockey arena is located in Edmonton and its home team is Edmonton Oilers. The capacity of this arena is 18,641 people.

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