Fun facts about hockey

Certainly, the history of hockey has not only serious facts, records and achievements. There are also a plenty of amazing and fun facts which you also should know

The adventures of Stanley Cup

Even though Stanley Cup is one of the most important awards of the world of hockey, it is apparently stored by some of the winners in a somewhat careless way. As a result, the cup has had a lot of adventures since its establishment in 1893.

For example, one of the Stanley Cups was used by a bowl for cereals. Another one was just thrown right into a swimming pool. Some cups were simply lost or forgotten. For instance, there was a Stanley Cup which was just left by the road side. In 2010, the Stanley Cup was lost during a flight just like any other luggage. The flight was from New Jersey to Vancouver. Fortunately, the cup was not completely gone and one of the employees of Air Canada recovered it later.

Why are hockey pucks are frozen?

You might be aware of the facts there is a special procedure of freezing hockey pucks before games. This is done as otherwise pucks will be bouncing while being struck by blade sticks.

Hockey referees and pucks

Every fan of hockey knows this sport is actually pretty dangerous and the hockey players are prone to having various injuries. Yet, not everyone is aware of the fact referees themselves are also in danger. For example, before 1914 there had been a somewhat different rule for placing a puck on the ice. Referees actually had to place the puck between the sticks of the players before faceoffs. This was rather unsafe for referees and ended in some serious bruises, cuts and even broken hands.

Fortunately, since 1914, hockey referees do not have to exactly place the puck. They are allowed to just drop it on the ice.

Octopi and hockey

Certainly, there is a number of unusual traditions related to hockey. One of them is throwing octopi on the ice. To be precise, this happens during playoffs and a crucial condition is the coring of the Red Wings. In addition to it, this tradition is popular only in Detroit where it is done in order to make an octopus help the team to get the Stanley Cup.

This tradition has been popular since the Original Six Era. The connection between an octopus and hockey was in the number of tentacles and the number of wins which was required for getting the Cup. The numbers were eight.

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