Technical facts about hockey you might not know

Even if you are very well-aware of the history of hockey, you might still not know some of the technical facts regarding this sport. This article will help you to gain the knowledge you are missing.

A hockey puck

Even if you play hockey regularly, you might be able to answer a simple question about your favourite game. Do you know what is the diameter of a pick used in hockey?

The right answer to this question is three inches.

The creation of the stick blade of a curved shape

It is difficult to imagine today that the first stick blades used for playing hockey were straight but this is the truth.

The official recognition for the design of a curved stick blade is given to Stan Mikita. According to official information, such equipment for the game was created in the 1960s. Still, there is an alternative theory which is preferred by many fans of hockey and professional of this sport including Andy Bathgate who is the fellow forward of Hall of Fame. According to this version, the curved blade sticks were already used in the 1930s.

The size of standard rinks used in North America

You might have had a chance of watching a hockey game in one of the  countries of North America,  or you might have played hockey there yourself. Yet, are you aware of the standard size of skate rinks located on that continent? The width of such rinks is 85 feet whereas the length is 200 feet.

Hockey and helmets

Today, it is impossible to imagine anyone playing hockey without a helmet, however, this was a popular practice for a rather long time. If you  look at the last person playing hockey without a helmet, it was Craig MacTavish.

Craig MacTavish had been playing hockey up to 1997 when he retired.

The first goalie mask

The official credit for the creation of a goalie mask goes to Jacques Plante who was the goaltender of Montreal Canadiens. The very first game during which the goaltender was wearing a mask happened on November 1, 1959.

Still, Jacques Plante was not the first person wearing a mask during a game. For example, Clint Benedict was seen wearing a mask made of leather in 1930.

The first arena for a four-sided game clock

Even though today a four-sided game clock is a standard for hockey games, it hand not been like that prior to 1932 when the first game of this type happened. Maple Leaf Gardens was the arena which held such a game. By the way, this place used to be the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Hockey nets

The hockey nets used for regulation, also have their specific size. Their height is four feet while their width is six feet.