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Luxembourg Junior Squads

2000-01 World Championship U20 (Division III - Qualification) Team : Michel Welter, Chris Laroche; Al Kindy Chougrani, Francois Schons, Ronny Scheier, Chris Meiers, Serge Milano, Eric Wambach, Christophe Thiry; Robert Post, Georges Scheier, Jeff Meyer, David Kraus, Benny Welter, Thierry Holtzem, Roy Schmal, Sven Schmal, Joel Holtzem. Head Coach : Robert Beran. Assistant Coach : Carlo Welter. General Manager : Frank Weiwers.
2002-03 World Championship U20 (Division III) Team : Michel Welter, Philippe Lepage; Serge Milano, Keven Schimberg, Yves Dostert, Francois Schons, Liam McEvoy; Georges Scheier, Gerome Mart, David Zinelli, Frank Schram, Jerry Matuszewski, Denis Schmit, Alain Breuskin, David Mossong, Eric Wambach, Steve Charpantier. Head Coach : Robert Beran. Assistant Coach : Hakan Gronlund & Carlo Welter. General Manager : Monique Scheier.

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