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Luxembourg Squads

1991-92 World Championship Pool C - Group B Team : Marc Spautz, Claude Peiffer; Alphonse Halsdorf, Frank Weiwers, Pascal Feller, Guy Krack; Frantisek Mueller, Jean-Claude Strasser, Marc Pilger, Milan Gorge, Carlo Welter, Patrick Winandy, Gilbert Schuller, Tom Jungblut, Pierre Jungblut, Alain Schneider. Head Coach : Timo Tikkanen. Manager : Eric Vaillancourt.

NB The six teams in what was called Pool C - Group A were placed 1-6 in Pool C. The six teams who contested Pool C - Group B, were placed 7-12 in Pool C. Only the winners of Pool C - Group A gained promotion to Pool B. Pool C - Group B was, in reality, Pool D.
2002-03 World Championship (Division III) Team : ; ; .

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