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Ireland Squads

1998-99 World Championship Pool D Team : ; ; .
2003-04 World Championship Division III Team : Kevin Kelly, Dermot Carney; Garrett MacNeill, David Kelly, Clifford Saunders, Trevor Kennedy, Robert Leckey, James HealyDimitriy Slavashevskiy; Philip Darcy, O'Connor LyneGary McKeag, Mark Bowes (C), David Gibson, Lawrence Jurovich, John White, Stephen Cooper, David Morrison, William Morrison, Stephen Hamill. Head Coach : Greg Fitzgerald. Assistant Coach : Jim Graves. General Manager : Michael Higgins.
2004-05 World Championship Division III Team : Emmet Dowling, Kevin Kelly; Garrett MacNeill, O'Connor Lyne, Robert Leckey, David Kelly, David Morrison, Lawrence Jurovich, Patrick McCabe; Ross Killen, Philip Darcy, Johathan Keaney, Gareth Roberts, David Gibson, Gareth Martin, Mark Bowes, Stephen Hamill, Keith Daly, Stephen Cooper, William Morrison. Coaches : Jim Graves & James Tibbetts. General Manager : Michael Higgins.

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