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Swan River Centennial Arena
Swan Valley Stampeders [web site]
Swarbrick, George (- )
Sweater Numbers - see Shirt #s
"Sweater, The"
Sweden - Men's National Team - see Sweden 
Sweden Globen Cup
Sweden Hockey Games
Swedish Championship
Swedish Elite League [web site]
Swedish Ice Hockey Association [web site]
Swedish Ice Hockey History
Swedish Ice Hockey Players Association (SICO) [web site]
Swedish Icehockey Historical and Statistical Society (SIHSS) [web site]
Swedish League
Sweeney, Don (1966- )
Sweet Stick [web site]
Swick, Julius (1927- )
Swift Current Broncos
Swindon Chill
Swindon Icelords
Swindon Leopards
Swindon Lynx
Swindon Phoenix
Swindon Pumas
Swindon Steamers
Swindon Top Cats
Swindon Wildcats (1986-96) 
Swindon Wildcats (2004- ) [web site]
"Swindon Wildcats 1986-1992"
Swiss Championship
Swiss Hockey League
Swiss Ice Hockey Federation [web site German]
Swiss International Championship
Swiss National Championship
Swiss Nationalliga A
Switzer, Derek (1970- )
Switzerland - Men's National Team - see Switzerland 

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