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Spacek, Jaroslav (1974- )
Spacek, Zdenek (- )
Spain - Men's National Team - see Spain
Spajic, Ivan (1979- )
Spalding Puck
Spanhel, Martin (1977- )
Spanish Championship
Spanish National League
Spanish Winter Sports Federation
Sparer, Markus (- )
Sparks, Andrew 'Andy' (1973- )
Sparta Amfi
Sparta Prague  
Sparta Sarpsborg
Spartak Moscow (HC Spartak Moscow) [web site]
Spartak Omsk - see Avangard Omsk 
Spartak St Petersburg
Spartak Subotica (HK Spartak Subotica) [web site]
Spartak ZMS Trebic
Spautz, Marc (- )
Spearing, Scott (- )
Speck, Fred (- )
Spectrum Ice Rink
Speechley, William (1906- )
Speel, Tommy (1971- )
Speer, Bill (1942- )
Spektrum Flyers
Spence, Jimmy (1935-2004)
Spence, Lawrie (- )
Spencer Penrose Award
Spendlove, Jim (1954- )
Spengler Cup [web site German & English]
Spezza, Jason (1983- )
SPHL - see Southern Professional Hockey League
Spiljak, Milan (1979- )
Spirit River Rangers
"Splendid Is The Sun"
Split puck
Split the Defence
Spokane Bombers
Spokane Canaries
Spokane Chiefs [web site]
Spokane Clippers
Spokane Comets
Spokane Spokes
Spokane Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Sport Palace
Sport Vaasa
Sportegy Hockey
Sportforum Berlin-Hohenschönhausen
Sporting Club Lyon
Sporting News Hockey Guide
Sporting News Hockey Register
Sportovni Hala
Sportpalais Merksem
Sports d'Hiver Paris
Sports Zone, The [web site]
Sports-Drome - see Richmond Ice Rink [web site]
Spratling, Neil (- )
Spring, Corey
(1971- )
Spring, Don (- )
Spring Cup
Springfield Arena
Springfield Capitols
Springfield Civic Center
Springfield Falcons [web site]
Springfield Indians (1926-33)
Springfield Indians (1935-42)
Springfield Indians (1946-67)
Springfield Indians (1974-94)
Springfield Kings
Sproule, Mark (- )
Sputnik Nizhni Tagil

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