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Sobell All Stars
Sobell Centre - see Michael Sobell Centre  
Sobell Colts
Sobell Saints
Socander, Leif (- )
Society for International Hockey Research [web site]
Södertälje SK [web site]
Soetaert, Doug (1955- ) 
Sofer, Hymie (- )
Soffe, Bill (1932- )
Sofian, Iosif (- )
Soghomonian, Jean-Marc (1971- )
Sohlman, Rauli (- ) 
Soini, Voitto (- )
Sokol Kiev - see Kiev
Sokolniki Sport Palace
Sokolov, Andrei (- )
Sokolowski, Kazimierz (1908- )
Solaux, Stanislas (- )
Solent Vikings
Solihull Barons (1972-96)
Solihull Barons
Solihull Barons (2005- ) [web site]
Solihull Blaze [web site]
Solihull Buffaloes
Solihull Knights
Solihull MK Kings [web site]
Solihull Vikings
Solihull Vixens
Solinger, Bob (1925- )
Sollefteĺ HK
Solna (AIK Sona)
Solodukhin, Vyacheslav (- )
Sologubov, Nikolai (1924-1988)
Solozábal, Aitor (1959- )
Solway Sharks [unofficial web site]
Somers, Art (1902-1992)
Song, Dong-Hwan (1980- )
Song, Sang-Woo (1977- )
Soo Greyhounds
Soo Thunderbirds
Sopwith, Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch (1888-1989)
Sorli, Oivind (1972- )
Sorlie, Bard (1977- )
Sorochan, Lee (1975- )
Sorrell, John (1906-1984)
Sostaks, Mihails (- )
Sostorics, Colleen (1979- )
Soto, Francisco (- )
Soubbotine, Dmitri (1977- )
Souchinskiy, Maxim (1974- )
Souray, Sheldon (1976- )
South Africa - Men's National Team - see South Africa
South African Championship
South African Ice Hockey Association
South Carolina Stingrays [web site]
South China Ice Hockey League [web site]
South East Hockey League [web site]
South East Lightnings Brisbane
South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League
South Korea - Men's National Team - see South Korea
South Korean Championship
Southampton City Vikings Ice Hockey Club Golden Jubilee 1937-1987
Southampton Ice Hockey Club - The 1987-88 Review
Southampton Ice Rink
Southampton Knights
Southampton Vikings [tribute web site]
Southeast Blades [web site]
Southeast Division
Southern 'A' League - see Southern League
Southern 'B' League
Southern Conference
Southern Cup
Southern Hockey League (1973-77)
Southern Hockey League (1995-96)
Southern Ice Hockey Association
Southern Ice Hockey League
Southern Intermediate League
Southern League
Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) [web site]
Southern Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League
Southern Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League
Southwell, Keith (- )
Southwest Division
Sovereign Bank Arena
Sovereign Center
Soviet Championship - see Russian Championship  
Soviet League - see Russian Championship  
Soviet Union - Men's National Team - see USSR 

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