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Slabon, Damian (1979- )
Slaney, John (1972- ) 
Slanina, Peter (1959- )
Slap Shot
"Slap Shot"
Slapshot, The
Slate, Ralph (- )
Slater, Cyril 'Sig' (- )
Slater, G (1968- )
Slaughter, Paul (1973- )
Slaughter, Steve
(- )
Slavashevskiy, Dimitriy (1969- )
Slavia Prague [web site Czech only]
Sledge Hockey - see British Sledge Hockey Assosciation
Slegr, Jiri (1971- )
Slikas, Martynas (1977- )
Slivchenko, Vadym (1970- )
Slive, Frank (- ) 
Sljapnikov, Aleksandr (- )
Sloan, Blake (1975- )
Sloan, Tod (1927- )
Slot Man
Slough Harrier Hawks
Slough Ice Rink
Slough Jets (1986-02)
Slough Jets [web site]
"Slough Jets - The First Five Years"
Slough Junior Ice Hockey Club
Slough Phantoms
Slough Tornados [web site]
Slovak Ice Hockey Hall of Fame [web site]
Slovakia - Men's National Team - see Slovakia
Slovakian Championship
Slovakian Ice Hockey Federation
Slovakian League [web site]
Slovakiewicz, Jozef (1945- )
Slovan Bratislava  
Slovenia - Men's National Team - see Slovenia 
Slovenian Championship
Slovenian Oldtimers Hockey Association [web site]
Slow Whistle
- see Delayed Off-side  
Slusarczyk, Artur (1977- )
Sly, Darryl (- )

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