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Quackenbush, Hubert George 'Bill' (1922- )
Quackenbush, Max (1928- )
Quad City Express [web site]
Quad City Flames [web site]
Quad City Mallards
Quaglia, Léonhard 'Léon' (1896- )
Quales, John (- )
Québec Aces
Québec Amateur Hockey League
Quebec Beauce Les Jaros
Québec Beavers
Québec Bulldogs
Québec Castors
Québec Citadelles [web site]
Québec City Senior League
Québec Coliseum
Québec HC
Québec Hockey Association [web site]
Québec Hockey League
Québec Junior A League
Québec Junior Hockey League (QJHL)
Québec Major Junior Hockey League - see QMJHL
Québec Nordiques (1972-79)
Québec Nordiques (1979-85)
Québec Provincial Hockey League
Québec Rafales
Québec Remparts (1969-85)
Québec Remparts (1997- )
Québec Senior Hockey League
Quebec Senior Major Hockey League
Quebec Senior Professional Hockey League
Queens A
Queen's University (Golden Gaels)
Queensland Ice Hockey - see Ice Hockey Queensland Limited
Queenstown Ice Hockey Club
Queensway Rink
Quenneville, Joel (1958- )
Quenneville, Leo (1900- )
Querrie, Charles (-)
Quilty, John (1921-1969)
Quiney, Peter (- )
Quinn, Dan (1965- )
Quinn, David (- )
Quinn, Mike (-)
Quinn, P J (- )
Quinn, Pat (1943- )
Quinney, Ken (1965- )
Quint, Deron (1976- )
Quintal, Stephane (1968- )
Quintin, Jean-Francois (1969- )

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