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Osaer, Phil (1980- )
Osborne, Al (- )
Oscar de la Glace - see French Ice Hockey Hall of Fame
Osgood, Chris (1972- )
Oshawa Civic Auditorium
Oshawa Collegiates
Oshawa Generals
Oshawa G-men
Oshawa Patricias
O'Shea, Danny (- )
Oskarshamn Eagles
Oslo Spektrum
Ossipenkov, Igor (1963- )
Östermalms HK
Östermalms IP
Österreichischer Eishockey Verband (Austrian Ice Hockey Federation)
Östers IF - see Växsjö HC
Östersunds IK
Ostroushko, Artem (1974- )
O'Sullivan, Chris (1974- )
O'Sullivan, Patrick (1985- )
O'Sullivan, Stephanie (1971- )
Oswald, Randy (- )

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