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In Deep
In Low
In The Crease [web site won our "Ice Hockey News Site of the Year" in 1999]
Independence Arena
Indianapolis Capitals 
Indianapolis Checkers
Indianapolis Chiefs
Indianapolis Ice [web site]
Indianapolis Racers
Inglis, Billy (- )
Inglis, Gordon (1947- )
Ingman, Jyrki (- )
Ingolstadt (ERC Ingolstadt)
Injuries - see
Inline Hockey
Inline Skates
Innsbruck (GEV Innsbruck)
Innsbruck (HC TWK Innsbruck)
Innsbruck (IEV Innsbruck)
Innsbrucker EV
Inose, Hideo (- )
Insam, Adolf (- )
Insam, Leo (- )
Inside Hockey
Insurance Goal
Inter-City League
Intermediate Trophy - see Southern Intermediate League
International American Hockey League - see International-American Hockey League
International Amphitheater
"International Encyclopedia of Winter Sports"
International Hockey Guide
International Hockey League (1929-36)
International Hockey League (1945-01)
International Ice Hockey Federation - see IIHF
International Ice Hockey League
International Ice Hockey Players Association
International Intercollegiate Hockey League
International Professional Hockey League
International Skating Union [web site]
International Transfer Card (ITC)
International-American Hockey League
Internet Hockey Database [web site]
Inter-Provincial Hockey Union
Interprovincial Professional Hockey League
Interprovincial Senior League
Interstate Junior Hockey League
Intranuovo, Ralph (1973- ) 
Inverness Jags
Invicta Dynamites
Invicta Dynamos [web site]
Invicta Knights

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