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Glace Bay Miners
Glacier Dome
Glad, Preben (- )
Gladsaxe SF
Gladsaxe Sk÷jtehal
Glasgow Bruins
Glasgow Dynamos
Glasgow Eagles
Glasgow Flyers
Glasgow Mohawks
Glasgow Mustangs
Glasgow Redwings
Glasgow Saints
Glasgow Summit Eagles
Glasgow Summit Saints - see Glasgow Saints
Glass, Frank 'Pud' (- )
Glavic, Gaber (1978- )
Glavin, Bill (- )
Glavota, Ivan (1976- )
Glebe Lions IHC
Glen Falls Civic Center
Glendale Arena [web site]
Glennie, Brian (- )
Glennie, Eduardo (1986- )
Glennie, William John 'Bill' (1924-2005)
Glenrothes Cougars
Glenrothes Jets
Gliga, Marius (1966- )
Global Ice Hockey [web site]
Global Spectrum
Global Sports Vacations Inc [web site]
Globen Arena (Globe Arena)
Globen Cup
Gloucester Rangers
Glovatsky, Vadim (- )
Glover, Fred (- )
Glover, Jason (1972- )

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