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CIAU - see Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union
Cibak, Martin (1980- )
Ciccarelli, Dino (1960- )
Ciccarello, Gius (1972- )
Cichocki, Chris (1963- )
Ciganovic, Oliver (1973- )
Ciger, Zdeno (1969- )
Ciglenecki, Robert (1974- )
CIHU - see Canadian Intercollegiate Hockey Union
CIHL - see Canadian International Hockey League
Cijan, Thomas (1960-) 
Cimellaro, Tony (1971- )
Cimelli, Tony (1970- )
Cimetta, Robert 'Rob' (1970- ) 
Cincinnati Cobras [web site]
Cincinnati Cyclones (1990-92)
Cincinnati Cyclones (1992-01)
Cincinnati Cyclones (2001-04)
Cincinnati Devils
Cincinnati Gardens
Cincinnati Junior Cyclones [web site]
Cincinnati Mighty Ducks [web site]
Cincinnati Mohawks
Cincinnati Stingers
Cincinnati Swords
Cincinnati Tigers
Cincinnati Wings
Cipruss, Aigars (1972- )
Cirella, Carmen (- ) 
Cirella, Joe (- )
CIS International League
CIS Interstate League
CIS National League
Cissewski, Mariusz (1969- )
City of Chicago Professional Hockey League
Civic Arena
Civic Center Arena (Ottawa)
Civic Center Arena (Saginaw)

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