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Blachford, Cecil (- )
Black, Jim (- )
Black, Shaun (1978- )
Black, Stephen 'Steve' (1927- )
"Black and Gold"
"Black Ice"
Blackburn Arena
Blackburn Blackhawks
Blackburn Eagles
Blackburn Firehawks
Blackburn Harriers
Blackburn Hawks [web site]
Blackburn Ice Hockey Development Association (BIHDA) [web site]
Blackburn Icehawks
Blackburn Kestrels
Blackburn Merlins
Blackburn Phoenix
Blackburn Seagulls
Blackburn Sparrowhawks
Blackburn Thunderhawks
Blackhawks IHC
Blackpool Beavers
Blackpool Ice Drome
Blackpool Seagulls 
Blacktown Ice Arena
Bladerunner Arena
Bladon, Tom (1952- )
Blagg, Chris (- )
Blagoev, Borislav (1983- )
Blaha, Jaromir (- )
Blahoski, Alana (1974- )
Blair, Andy (1908-1977)
Blaisdell, Mike (1960- )
Blake, Louis R 'Robert' (1914- )
Blake, Rob (1969- )
Blake, Hector 'Toe' (1912-1995)
Blanchet, Alain (- )
Blaze Bar, The [web site]
Blight, Rick (1955- ) 
Blinco, Russ (1908- )
Blind Pass
Blinov, Yuri (- )
Blocked Shot
Blomé, Gert (1934- )
Blomqvist, Göte 'Vicke Hallon' (1928- ) 
Blomsten, Arto 'Ärtan' (1965- ) 
Blond, Bernard Le (- ) 
Blond, Jean Le (1956- )
Blong, Chris (1969-) 
Blong, Darren (1966-) 
Bloomigton Prairie Thunder [web site]
Blouin, Jean (1971- )
Blue Cross Arena
Blue Line
Blue Ridge Bears
Blue Tiger Athletics [web site]
Bluecol Autumn Cup
Blyth Arena

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