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AUAA - see Atlantic University Athletic Association
Aubin, Serge (1975- )
Auckland Ice Hockey Association
Aucoin, Adrian (1973- )
Audette, Donald (1969- )
Audi Hockey Player
Audisio, Marc (- )
Augsburg (HC Augsburg) - see Augsburger Panther
Augsburger ERV - see Augsburger Panther
Augsburger EV - see Augsburger Panther
Augsburger Panther (EV Augsburg)
Augusta, Josef (1946- )
Augusta Lynx [web site]
Auld, Alex (1981- )
Aurie, Larry (1905-1952)
Austin, Ron (- )
Austin Ice Bats [web site]
Australian Championship
Australian Ice Hockey Federation [web site]
Australian Ice Hockey League [web site]
Australia Mens National Team
- see Australia
Australian National Club Championships
Austria Mens National Team - see Austria
Austrian Championship
Austrian Ice Hockey Federation (Österreichischer Eishockey Verband)
Austrian League
Autero, Jouko (- )
Autumn Cup
Autumn Trophy

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