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Wembley Monarchs Programme Cover 1946-47 Wembley Monarchs Programme Cover 1948-49 Season

Wembley Monarchs Programme Covers 1946-48 & 1948-50 Seasons

left: Thursday 6th March 1947 - Wembley Monarchs v USA. The USA team had just returned from the World  Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The USA finished fifth in the World  Championships - won 4 games but lost 3. The same cover design was used for both the 1946-47 & 1947-48 seasons.

right: Saturday 15th January 1949 - Wembley Monarchs v Nottingham Panthers. Part of the 'International Tournament' - which was a league based competition among the clubs in the English National League. The name was changed for 1948-49 from the usual annual 'National Tournament' because of the inclusion that season of Racing Club de Paris. The same cover design was used for both the 1948-49 & 1949-50 seasons.

/our thanks to Martin Harris for providing these images

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