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James Hendy Hockey Guide 1942 cover James Hendy Hockey Guide 1947 cover   

NHL Hockey Guides 1942 - 1947

The "National Official 1942 Hockey Guide" edited by James C. Hendy. Priced at 25 cents, it was the Official Guide of the NHL, AHL, AHA and AHA of the US. The player featured on the cover Dit Clapper of the Boston Bruins. 

The "Official 1947 National Hockey Guide and Who's Who in Hockey" edited by James C. Hendy. Priced at 50 cents in the USA and 65 cents in Canada, it was the first such guide. Max Bentley is the player on the cover. He was the leading scorer of 1945-46 with 61 points (31+30).

/our thanks to Martin Harris for providing these images

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