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Ice Hockey Annual 2000-01 Ice Hockey Annual 2001-02 Ice Hockey Annual 2002-03

Ice Hockey Annual 2000-01, 2001-02 & 2002-03

The 'trophy' montage cover of The Ice Hockey Annual 2000-01 shows, clockwise from left, captain Denis Chassť & coach Dave Whistle of Superleague winners Bracknell Bees with the Monteith Bowl; Scott Stevens, captain of the New Jersey Devils with the Stanley Cup; Frank Morris, captain of Fife Flyers, with the British National League trophy; Chelmsford Chieftains with the English Premier League trophy. The 2001-02 cover had David Longstaff of Great Britain & Sheffield Steelers - Player of the Year in the 2000-01 Superleague, won the grand slam with the Steelers and captained GB. The 2002-03 montage of winners shows, clockwise from left, Jeff Hoad, captain of Superleague winners Belfast Giants with the Monteith Bowl; Tony Hand, player-coach of British National League & Cup winners Dundee Stars; Scotty Bowman, coach of Detroit Red Wings with the Stanley Cup; Invicta Dynamos winners of the English Premier League. 

© Ice Hockey Annual/Stewart Roberts

Our thanks to Phil Stamp for providing these images


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