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Ice Hockey Annual 1988-89    Ice Hockey Annual 1989-90 Ice Hockey Annual 1990-91

Ice Hockey Annual 1988-89, 1989-90 & 1990-91

The Ice Hockey Annual 1988-89, in common with the 1987-88 edition, was an inch taller and three-quarters of an inch wider than previous editions, a change which lasted just the two seasons. The image shown here ignores the change in dimension. The 1989-90 cover shows Randall Webber of the Nottingham Panthers, doing a Bobby Orr in a match against the Streatham Redskins - the photographer was Peter Gingell, winner of the Heineken Hotshot Award. The 1990-91 cover photograph was by Walter Bayliss and shows the Cardiff Devils, winners of the 1989-90 Heineken League, celebrating their overtime victory in the 1990 Heineken British Championship at Wembley Arena. 

Ice Hockey Annual/Stewart Roberts

Our thanks to Phil Stamp for providing these images


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