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Ice Hockey Annual 1979-80 Ice Hockey Annual 1980-81 Ice Hockey Annual 1981-82

Ice Hockey Annual 1979-80, 1980-81 & 1981-82

The Ice Hockey Annual 1981-82 cover on the right inadvertently read 'Ice Hockey 1980-81'. Although this was a printing error and could confuse, it should be borne in mind that the contents do indeed cover the 1980-81 season. It was/is, in common with other 'annual' publications, the practice of The Ice Hockey Annual, to be named for the up-coming season whilst dealing almost exclusively with the season immediately before the one named on the cover. Now you can understand why the publisher made this small error! Having said that, looking forward to the next season, and anticipated changes/events, has always been part of The Ice Hockey Annual.

Ice Hockey Annual/Stewart Roberts

Our thanks to Phil Stamp & Martin Harris for providing these images


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