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Bournemouth Programme Cover Bournemouth Programme Cover - detail
Bournemouth Programme Cover - 7th December 1935

English League (Southern Section) - Bournemouth v Wembley Olympics

It is interesting to note that the detail around the edge of the cover is a double swastika to the outside of a red outlined oblong. Referring to the Windsor Swastikas, Garth Vaughan points out in his book "The Puck Starts Here", that "Long before Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich began to use the swastika as a symbol for their organisation in Nazi Germany, the emblem was used by a variety of cultures all over the world. It signified good fortune"Martin Harris also noted that the Nazi Party rotated the swastika 45 degrees and that a vertically aligned swastika is still a perfectly respectable symbol.

/our thanks to Martin Harris for providing this image


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