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Boston v NYRangers1959      Boston v NYRangers 1959  
Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Programme Cover 

1959 - NHL tour of Europe 'Souvenir Album'. 

centre: Countries visited during the tour are listed on the price panel shown in this close-up image.

right: Official Programme for the part of the 1959 tour in England. Two matches took place at the Empire Pool Wembley - on Wednesday 29th April & Thursday 30th April, both at 7:45pm. Text reads "The biggest sports' event in 1959. For the first time in Europe. Boston Bruins - New York Rangers. Coupe professionelle Europe de hockey sur glace 1959. Donated by Mr. Othmar Delnon, sports promoter. The cup will be presented to the team which scored the greatest number of points during the tournament. In case of a tie, the cup goes to the team with the largest goal score. If the number of goals is the same, the team with the largest score difference in one game will win. (Ed: not to be picky but this last sentence does not mention 'plus score' it just says largest score difference - which means the teams would share the trophy in that event!) The trophy is solid silver with two malachites."

/our thanks to Martin Harris for providing these images


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