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BIHA team 1933

British Ice Hockey Association team 1933

Left to right: Peter Churchill, N Hall, J (or L) Clarke, Gerry Davey, Carl Erhardt, J McCabe, John Magwood, Neville Melland, Ivor Nesbitt, unknown.

This picture is of a team named in contemporary accounts as BIHA (British Ice Hockey Association) and was taken at St Moritz in January 1933. Under CANADA, you can just see the beginning of what appears to be ENGLAND. The BIHA were competing in a tournament called Goldpokal at St Moritz commencing 2nd January 1933. The other teams were EKE Vienna, Canada (represented by Edmonton Superiors), LTC Prague, EHC St Moritz and Cambridge University. On the day this photograph was taken, 3rd January, Edmonton Superiors beat the BIHA team 13-1. The BIHA team faired better in their second game, the next day, beating EKE Vienna 4-0 - Hall scored two, with Davey and Nesbitt getting a goal each.

/our thanks to Barry Nesbitt for providing this image and to Martin Harris for identifying the team & location

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