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December 2001 Feature


Pavel Bure - The Riddle of the Russian Rocket

by Kerry Banks

This 286 page unauthorised biography offers a glimpse into the world of one of hockey's enigmas
. Controversy and scandal have dogged his career in recent years and Kerry Banks, an award-winning journalist, tries to get close to the man behind the image with little or no co-operation from those close to Bure, Bure's former coaches or former teammates. The book reads like a novel in places but that just adds to the intrigue which includes allegations of involvement with the Russian Mafia, his troubled relationship with his father, feuds with the media and with the Vancouver Canucks' management and his ambivalent attitude towards his intensely adoring fans.

To buy this book, visit the A to Z Bookshop.

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November 2001 Feature


Hockey the NHL Way - 
Hockey Tips from the Pros

by Sean Rossiter & Paul Carson

We have featured several books in this series and the latest is a collection of tips from the players - giving their thoughts on goal scoring, speed & agility, consistency, hockey smarts, playing big and teamwork.

There are lots of big names giving their views on the game and how they approach various aspects of the game.

Some comments are a little vague - like Pavel Bure's comment on the one-on-one
"On a breakaway, you just react. You don't really decide whether to shoot or to deke. It happens so quickly - you just react".

Others, like Rob Blake's comment, in the hockey smarts section, is a helpful hint on the first rule of defence -
"In your own end, it's important to keep your body between the player and the net. If the puck gets behind you, don't let the player get behind you".

As with the rest of the series,
we are happy to recommend these books to all hockey fans.

To buy this book, visit the A to Z Bookshop.

We recently added a Visitors Comments page to the site and were pleased to receive the following comments from Paul Palmer of ESPN.

"Just wanted to send a huge thank you to you for a great site! It is an amazing collection of all things hockey. I do not think there is a topic in there that you missed. I produce a nightly hockey show in the States and find myself stopping by A-Z each day looking for some little bit of information that I can pickup. It is a great educational tool and a very neat site for hockey freaks like myself."

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October 2001 Feature



Two new hockey trivia books by Don WeekesExplosive Hockey Trivia and Superstar Hockey Trivia - the 17th & 18th books in the series.

Can there be this many trivia questions about the NHL?  Well, the answer is yes.
Don Weekes, a television producer and writer with TV station CFCF12 in Montreal, yet again provides some interesting angles and insights to top level hockey.  The explanations, statistics and background information provided in his books are a history lesson themselves.

Greystone Books officially release these 122 page paperbacks in November but they can be ordered now from the trivia section of our A to Z Bookshop.


A good friend of the A to Z,
Glen Foll, has told us about Australia's First Ever Ice & In-line Logo Competition.

For info on how to enter your team or association logo - go to www.eteamz.com/adelaidetigers

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September 2001 Feature

You may have noticed that this button appeared on our front page during August.  We would like to formally invite you to let us know what you think of the A to Z by responding to our questionnaire.

It will only take a few minutes and you can answer as many or as few questions as you like.

Knowing what you think about our pages will help us improve those sections that need it or introduce new sections based on your suggestions.

Any response you give will NOT result in you appearing on email lists of any kind.

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August 2001 Feature


hotHOCKEY.com have introduced Coach's Planner, a drills software that includes drills for every level of hockey, from the NHL to amateur levels. Drills are explained through animation, text and audio presentations. Each animation allows the user to see the exact player movement. 

For more information visit their web site at www.hothockey.com.


Garden City Old Timers Tournament 
Entries are invited for the next Garden City Old Timers Tournament in Christchurch, New Zealand to be held 9th - 16th March 2003. Contact Paul Collison by email at tanker@xtra.co.nz

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July 2001 Feature


The A to Z has out-grown its current server and during July we will be moving to a server with six times the existing capacity.

The new server will also have several redundant high speed connections which should improve availability and access times when you visit the A to Z.

We hope the transfer is smooth but there may be periods during July when our pages are not available - please bear with us and remember, the web address is unchanged and we can always be found at -


Lévis International Atom Hockey Tournament 
The 33rd event in the Lévis International Atom Hockey Tournament series is to be held from January 28 to February 10 2002.  It is the largest Atom (Squirt) tournament in North America. For 2002 they will be accepting 100 teams from Europe, USA and Canada. For more information visit Roger Dumont's web site at www.atome.qc.ca

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June 2001 Feature


The software suppliers call Play ManagerTM 3.0 "revolutionary software for hockey coaches" and we are inclined to agree with them. 

The software allows coaches to show players exactly what the play looks like with powerful animated play representations. 

The plays and drills are stored on a PC and can be viewed on the PC screen, through a TV or printed as a hand-outs - allowing players to visualize the play or drill. 

CT Technologies, who have a tie-in with USA Hockey, have also created a web based version.

Find out more at www.playmanager.com

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May 2001 Feature


Author Shelley Lazarus has produced a readable, well researched biography on Steve Yzerman that is aimed at younger fans of the Detroit Red Wings captain. 

It's an authorised biography and as Steve Yzerman was generous with his time and co-operation throughout  you get to go behind the scenes; of his junior career, the NHL Entry Draft, his rookie year, scoring highs, injury lows and Stanley Cup triumphs.

Although the book is aimed at the youth market, it has enough interesting anecdotes and insights into the player and the man, to be of interest to most Detroit fans.

With the Wings unexpectedly falling at the first play-off hurdle on this year's Stanley Cup trail, those fans will have time on their hands and getting hold of a copy of "Hockeytown Hero : The Steve Yzerman Story" will help pass a few interesting hours.

See the A to Z Bookshop


Hockey Ultrathon 
a Colorado hockey event to set a world record for the  longest game. To find out more about this fund raiser for the non-profit
Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center - go to www.boec.org.


The copy of
Jeff Nicholson's CD album BANG goes to Iain Davis who was selected at random from those who gave the correct answer to our competition. Our thanks to all those who took part.

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April 2001 Feature

 Win this  13 track CD 

This is not an April Fool gag -

Last April we featured a song called
HOCKEY, by Canadian singer-songwriter Jeff Nicholson. We held a FREE giveaway competition in June for his 13 track CD called BANG! which featured the "Hockey" song.

We have another copy of the CD to give away. Just email us at BANG@graphyle.com telling us the title of the track on his CD that is the name of a Canadian Province ( find the answer at th
is web site).

Put the title of the Province in the subject line of your email and include your
name & email address in the text area.  At the end of April we will pick the winner at random from those with the correct answer.  We will then email the winner to obtain a mailing address.

Good Luck !

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March 2001 Feature

Hockey Pros or Hockey Prose

click on image to order from Amazon

We often review books about playing hockey, hockey players or hockey teams.  We don't often review books on hockey poems, essays and short stories.

Edited by
Dale Jacobs, this book is called ICE and includes 50 pieces of new writing on hockey - which also happens to be the sub-title.

National Post reviewer Roy MacGregor
called it "... a charming little collection ... there is some wonderful stuff here, words to be read aloud, words to be read silently, words to remind us what the game is still all about for a great many of us ...". 

It is "wonderful stuff", it's a book to dip into when the mood takes you - with stories about what it's like to be the coach's son, how the
new hockey mum gradually gets drawn into the game to become a real fanatic and of course the glass-eyed winger.

If you want something different - here it is!

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February 2001 Feature


Two new books in the NHL’s Hockey Heroes series hit the bookshelves this month. Peter Forsberg by Michael Harling and Paul Kariya by Andrew Podnieks are both worthy additions to the series.

These books are filled with full-colour first rate photos illustrating the careers-to-date of these established stars. They are well written comprehensive mini-biographies and although they are primarily aimed at teenagers, they are just the thing for adults who want the facts without the padding.

Both books do a great job of covering the outstanding moments of the player’s careers up to the end of the 1999-00 season - as they move through junior hockey, Olympic tournaments, the NHL draft and in Forsberg’s case - the Stanley Cup final. 

Forsberg and Kariya’s individual highs and lows are all there - Olympic triumphs, awards, trophies, contract disputes, injuries but what the books express, above all else, is their desire, and undoubted talent, to play exceptional hockey at the highest level.

We are happy to recommend these books to all hockey fans. 

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January 2001 Feature

We are pleased to announce the winners
of our 2000 All-Star Awards
congratulations to

Link Site of the Year - Pelland's Hockey Emporium

News Site of the Year - Face-off.com
Statistics Site of the Year - Eurohockey.net
Official Site of the Year - Winterhurst Hockey Association
Fan Site of the Year - DIFWORLD.com
Merchandise/Service Site of the Year - MyHockeyStats.com

The short-listed sites that missed out
on the top award were as follows

Link site runner-up HockeyRefs.com
Link site runner-up HockeyWeb.de

News site runner-up Benchwarmer.co.uk 
News site runner-up Puck-off
Statistics site runner-up Gamedaystats.com
Statistics site runner-up SFRp's hockey archive
Official site runner-up St Louis Blues
Official site runner-up VIJHL Official Site
Fan site runner-up A Tribute to Guy Carbonneau
Fan site runner-up Twisted Sock
Merchandise/Service site runner-up Great Skate
Merchandise/Service site runner-up Hockeygear.com

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