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Olympic Champions

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Olympic Champions





1920* Canada USA Czechoslovakia (Antwerp)
1924* Canada USA Great Britain (Chamonix)
1928* Canada Sweden Switzerland (St Moritz)
1932* Canada USA Germany (Lake Placid)
1936* Great Britain Canada USA (Garmisch-Partenkirchen)
1948* Canada Czechoslovakia   Switzerland (St Moritz)
1952* Canada USA Sweden (Oslo)
1956* USSR USA Canada (Cortina d'Ampezzo)
1960* USA Canada USSR (Squaw Valley)
1964* USSR Sweden Czechoslovakia (Innsbruck)
1968* USSR Czechoslovakia Canada (Grenoble)
1972 USSR USA Czechoslovakia (Sapporo)
1976 USSR Czechoslovakia West Germany (Innsbruck)
1980 USA USSR Sweden (Lake Placid)
1984 USSR Czechoslovakia Sweden (Sarajevo)
1988 USSR Finland Sweden (Calgary)
1992 Unified Team Canada Czechoslovakia (Meribel)
1994 Sweden Canada Finland (Lillehammer)
1998 Czech Republic Russia Finland (Nagano)
2002  Canada  USA  Russia (Salt Lake City)
2006  Sweden  Finland  Czech Republic (Torino)
2010       (Vancouver)

* World Championship included within Olympic competition

The 1920 tournament was held during the Summer Olympic Games

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