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VKA (Vereniging voor Kunstschaatsen)
Antwerp, Belgium. Founded 1939.
Home ice : Sportpalais Merksem
Team colours : blue and white
Vnuk, Jure (1974- )
International Career : Played for Slovenia in the 1999 World Championship Pool B.
Vnuk, Tomaz (1970- )
International Career : Played for Slovenia in the 1999 World Championship Pool B.
Vrabec, Petr (- )
Club Career : Played for Skoda Plzen.
Vries, Greg de (1973- )
Born in Sundridge, Ontario, Canada. Defenceman.
Club Career : Played for Niagara Falls Thunder 1992-93, Niagara Falls Thunder & Cape Breton Oilers 1993-94, Cape Breton Oilers 1994-95, Edmonton Oilers & Cape Breton Oilers 1995-96, Edmonton Oilers & Hamilton Bulldogs 1996-97, Edmonton Oilers 1997-98, Nashville Predators & Colorado Avalanche 1998-99, Colorado Avalanche 1999-03 and New York Rangers 2003- .
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 2001.
Vujtek, Vladimir (- )
Born in Czechoslovakia.
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Lokomotiv Yaroslavl  -03 and Ak Bars Kazan 2003- .
Medals : Won the Russian Championships in 2002 & 2003 (coach).
Vulcanized Rubber
Vulcanized rubber was invented by Goodyear in 1839 but was not used for puck construction until the 1880s. In 1886, an official ruling was adopted by the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada designating the vulcanized disc as the "official" puck of the association.
VVS Moscow
Moscow, Russia.
Home ice :  
Team colours :   
Head coach : Anatoli Tarasov 1946-47 (player/coach), V Leonov 1947-48, Pavel Korotkov & Matvei Goldin 1948-49, Pavel Korotkov 1949-50, Vsevolod Bobrov 1950-52 (player/coach), Evgeni Babich 1952-53 (player/coach)
Honours : Won the Russian Championship in 1951, 1952 & 1953.

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