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Umberger, R J (1982- )
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Centre. Vancouver Canucks 1st pick (16th overall) in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft. Vancouver traded his rights to New York Rangers in the deal involving Martin Rucinsky but New York were unable to agree on a contract with Umberger. He became an unrestricted free agent and signed for Philadelphia Flyers 16th June 2004. Did not play 2003-04. 
Club Career : Played for Ohio State 2000-03.
Umeň (IFK Umeň)
See Bj÷rkl÷ven Lynx
Umeň (IFK/SSK Umeň)
See Bj÷rkl÷ven Lynx
Umeň Ishall
Umeň, Sweden. Built 1963. 
Home ice for : Bj÷rkl÷ven Lynx
Capacity : 4,500
Ice pad size :

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