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UK Cup
Promoted by the Sekonda Superleague as a replacement for the Autumn Cup/Benson and Hedges Cup, and scheduled to start in the 2001-02 season, the UK Cup was to be open to any senior or recreational club and each team would receive a basic participation fee with prize money dependent on qualification to the next round. A bonus, especially for the smaller clubs, would have been that each home team was to keep the gate receipts of any game played. The competition would have been played on a knockout basis, with each round containing a home and away leg and teams from different leagues would have been entered at different stages commensurate with their playing ability. Only 17 clubs indicated that they wanted to participate in 2001-02 - so the competition was shelved for that year.
UK Hockey Mailing List [web site]
Founded in November 1996 by Rosalind Coldrey-Mobbs and Simon Morley. 
UK Hockey Photos [web site]
A web site set up by Chris Valentine, a freelance sports photographer who is also the official photographer for the Milton Keynes Kings
UK Ice Hockey
See Ice Hockey UK
UK Recreational Ice Hockey [web site]
This is the Streatham Chiefs site but it also contains details and information on UK recreational ice hockey teams.
Ukraine National Team
See Ukraine
Ukrainian Championship

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