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SK Stalinovy Zavody 
See Litvinov (HC Chemopetrol Litvinov)
SKA (HC SKA St Petersburg) [web site]
Logo © SKA St Petersburg
St Petersburg (known during communist rule as Lenigrad), Russia. Founded in 1946 as ODO Leningrad. Changed name in 1956 to LDO Leningrad, in 1957 to SKVO Leningrad, in 1959 to SKA Leningrad. SKA = Sport Club of Army. Played in the Russian SuperLeague 1999- . 
Home ice : Yubileinyi Sport Palace, SKA Sport Palace, St Petersburg Ice Stadium
Team colours : red & blue
Head coach : A Semenov 1946-53, A Viktorov 1953-57, E Voronin 1957-59, A Komarov 1959-62, Evgeny Babich 1962-63, Nikolai Puchkov 1963-73, Veniamin Alexandrov 1973-74, Nikolai Puchkov 1974-77, Oleg Sivkov 1977-78, Nikolai Puchkov 1978-80, Igor Romishevsky 1980-81, Boris Mikhailov 1981-84, Valeri Shilov 1984-89, Boris Mikhailov 1992-98, Rafael Ishmatov 1999-01, Rafael Ishmatov & Nikolai Puchkov 2001-02, Boris Mikhailov 2002- , Barry Smith 2007-  
All-time best players : Nikolai Drozdetsky, V Poushkov, V Kamenev 
Honours : Won USSR Championship bronze in 1971 & 1987.
Won USSR Cup silver in 1968 & 1971.
Won MHL (IHL) Cup silver in 1994. 
Won the Spengler Cup 1970-71, 1971-72, 1972-73 & 1977-78.
SKA-2 (HC SKA-2 St Petersburg)
Logo ©
St Petersburg, Russia. Reserve team for HC SKA. Played in the Russian First League 1999- .
Home ice : 
Team colours : 
Honours :
SKA (Leningrad)
SKA Sport Palace (St Petersburg)
St Petersburg, Russia.
Home ice for : HC SKA St Petersburg
Capacity : 2,000
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 98 feet
SKA Sport Palace (Samara)
Samara, Russia.
Home ice for : CSK VVS Samara
Capacity : 3,500
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 98 feet [web site]
Leamington, Ontario, Canada. This commercial web site, owned by LOC Basement Media, has services, goods and features for hockey, inline, ice skating & skateboarding in Canada.
Skabelka, Andrei (1971- )
International Career : Played for Belarus in the 1998 Olympics and in the 1999 & 2000 World Championships Pool A.
Club Career : Played for Lada Togliatti.
Skadauskas, Valdas (1968- )
International Career : Played for Lithuania in the 1999 World Championship Pool C.
Skalica (HK 36 Skalica) [web site]
Logo © HK 36 Skalica
Skalica, Slovakia. Play in the Slovakian Extraliga.
Home ice : 
Team colours :
Skäret (IK Skäret)
Logo ©
Home ice : 
Team colours :
"Skaters Cavalcade, The"
A book by A C A Wade. Published in London in 1939.
"Skates, Sticks and Men - The Story Of Amateur Hockey in the United States"
A book by S Kip Farrington Jr, published in 1972 by David McKay Co Inc, New York, USA.
Skating & Ice Hockey Yearbook
Published in the UK. Two editions were produced - the Skating & Ice Hockey Yearbook 1947 and the Skating & Ice Hockey Yearbook 1948. Both editions were edited by S A Fitchett.
Skating Times
Published monthly from 1930 to 1940 (the title appeared after World War Two and ran almost three years).  Until the Ice Hockey World appeared in 1935, it is the main source of hockey information in the UK. The 1930-31 editions contained up to four pages titled Ice Hockey, for 1931-32 the pages were titled Ice Hockey Notes and from 1933-34 onwards the section was titled Ice Hockey News and included match reports and league standings.
Skellefteć AIK [web site]
Logo © Skellefteć AIK
Skellefteć, Sweden. Founded 1921. Skellefteć have played a total of 30 seasons in the top Swedish division. Their last season in the Elite League was 1989-90. Between the 1966-67 season and the 1967-68 season the team were known as Skellefteć AIK/IF
Home ice : Skellefteć Isstadion
Team colours : black, yellow & white
Honours : Won the Swedish Championship in 1979.
Skellefteć Isstadion
Skellefteć, Sweden.
Home ice for : Skellefteć AIK
Capacity : 7,400
Ice pad size : 
Skiehar, Shawn (1978- )
Born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. Forward.
Club Career : Played for Louisiana Ice Gators & El Paso Buzzards 2001-02, Louisiana Ice Gators 2002-03, South Carolina Stingrays 2003-04, Louisiana Ice Gators 2004-05 and Belfast Giants 2005-07.
Skinner, Alf (1896-1961)
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Right-wing.
Club Career : Played for Toronto Arenas.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1918.
Skinner, James Donald 'Jim' (1917- )
Born in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. Defenceman. He spent over 30 years with the Detroit Red Wings as player, GM, Coach, Director of Scouting and Chief Scout.
Club Career (playing) : Played for Flin Flon Bombers 1937-40, Flin Flon Bombers & Edmonton Flyers 1940-41, Edmonton Flyers 1941-43, Edmonton Flyers & Flin Flon Bombers 1943-44, Indianapolis Capitals 1944-45 and Omaha Knights 1945-47.
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Windsor Spitfires 1948-49 and Detroit Red Wings 1954-58.
Club Career (managing) :
General Manager of Detroit Red Wings 1968-69 (assistant), 1973-75 (assistant) & 1980-82.
Medals : Won the Joseph Turner Memorial Cup in 1949 (coach).
Won the Stanley Cup 1955 (coach).
Honours : Elected to the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame (builder).
Elected to the Windsor Sports Hall of Fame in 2006.
Skoda Auto European Hockey League
See European Hockey League
Skoda Plzen
See Skoda Plzen
Skoula, Martin (1979- )
Born in Litomerice, Czechoslovakia. Defenceman. Colorado Avalanche 2nd pick (17th overall) in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft.
Club Career : Played for Colorado Avalanche 1999- .
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 2001.
Skov, Glen (1931- )
Born in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada. Forward.
Club Career : Played for Detroit Red Wings 1949-55, Chicago Blackhawks 1955-60 and Montreal Canadiens & Hull-Ottawa Canadiens 1960-61.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1952, 1954 & 1955.
Honours : NHL All-Star Roster 1954.
Skrastins, Karlis (1974- )
International Career : Played for Latvia in the 1999 World Championships Pool A.
Skriko, Petri (- ) 
Club Career : Played for SaiPa and Herning IK
Honours : Won the Jarmo Wasama Trophy in 1980-81.
Denmark Player of the Year in 1995 & 1997.
SM-liiga All Star Team winger 1984.
His number 9 jersey has been retired by SaiPa.
Skroder, Per (1978- )
International Career : Played for Norway in the 1999 World Championships Pool A.
Skrudland, Brian (1963- )
Born in Peace River, Alberta, Canada. Centre. 
Club Career : Played for Saskatoon Blades 1980-83, Nova Scotia Voyageurs 1983-84, Sherbrooke Canadiens 1984-85, Montreal Canadiens 1985-92, Montreal Canadiens & Calgary Flames 1992-93, Florida Panthers 1993-97, New York Rangers & Dallas Stars 1997-98 and Dallas Stars 1998- .
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1986 & 1999.
SKVO (Leningrad)
Sky Sports 
British-based satellite/cable TV dedicated sports channel, part of Rupert Murdoch's global media empire.  Has exclusive contract to broadcast Superleague games until the end of 1998-99 season.  The channel's ice hockey commentators include Tony Millard, Bob Korol and Nick RothwellGabby Yorath was the presenter of the show for the 1997-98 season.
Coventry, West Midlands, England. Opened in 2000. The full name of the ice rink is Coventry SkyDome Arena.
Home ice for : Coventry Blaze
Capacity : 3,000
Ice pad size : 184 feet x 92 feet
Skyreach Centre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Built 1974. (Also known as the Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton Coliseum & Rexall Place)
Home ice for : Edmonton Oilers since the season 1974-75.
Capacity : 17,503
Ice pad size :  200 feet x 85 feet

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