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George Parsons Trophy Winners

more about the George Parsons Trophy

(the Memorial Cup's Most Sportsmanlike Player)

1973-74 Guy Chouinard (Quebec)
1974-75 John Smrke (Toronto)
1975-76 Richard Shinske (New Westminster)
1976-77 Bob Smith (Ottawa)
1977-78 Mark Kirton (Peterborough)
1978-79 Chris Halyk (Peterborough)
1979-80 Dale Hawerchuk (Cornwall)
1980-81 Mark Morrison (Victoria)
1981-82 Brian Bellows (Kitchener)
1982-83 David Gans (Oshawa)
1983-84 Brian Wilks (Kitchener)
1984-85 Tony Grenier (Prince Albert)
1985-86 Kerry Huffman (Guelph)
1986-87 Scott McCrory (Oshawa)
1987-88 Martin Gelinas (Hull Olympiques)
1988-89 Jamey Hicks (Peterborough)
1989-90 Jason Firth (Kitchener)
1990-91 Ray Whitney (Spokane)
1991-92 Colin Miller (Sault Ste Marie)
1992-93 Jason Dawe (Peterborough)
1993-94 Yanick Dubé (Laval)
1994-95 Jarome Iginla (Kamloops)
1995-96 Mike Williams (Peterborough)
1996-97 Radsoslav Suchy (Chicoutimi)
1997-98 Manny Malhotra (Guelph)
1998-99 Brian Campbell (Ottawa)
1999-00 Brandon Reid (Halifax)
2000-01 Brandon Reid (Val D'Or)
2001-02 Tomas Pilhal (Kootenay Ice)
2002-03 Gregory Campbell (Kitchener)

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