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Hungary's Best Foreign Player Award Winners

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1989-90 Antatolij Donika (Lehel SC)
1990-91 Alexander Kulikov (Lehel SC)
1991-92 Alexander Kulikov (Lehel SC)
1992-93 No Award Presented
1993-94 Dimitri Tjeplakov (Ferencvárosi TC)
1994-95 Sergej Orseskin (Ferencvárosi TC)
1995-96 Alexej Poljakov (Ferencvárosi TC)
1996-97 Antatolij Lvov (Alba Volán SC) 
1997-98 Antatolij Lvov (Alba Volán SC) 
1998-99 Vlad Svitek (Ferencvárosi TC)
1999-00 Peter Veselovsky (Dunaferr SE)

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