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European Championship (Junior)
Best Goalie Award Winners

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1975-76 Pool A : Pelle Lindbergh (Sweden Junior)
1976-77 Pool A : Pelle Lindbergh (Sweden Junior)
1981-82 Pool A : Dominik Hasek (Czechoslovakia Junior)
Pool C : Francisco Soto (Spain Junior)
1991-92 Pool A : Mark Seliger (Germany Junior)
Pool B :
Pool C : 
1994-95 Pool A : Kai Fischer (Germany Junior)
Pool B :
Pool C (Group 1) :
Pool C (Group 2) : Miran Spiljak (Croatia Junior)
1995-96 Pool A : Adam Svoboda (Czech Republic Junior)
Pool B : Michael Senderovitz (Denmark Junior)
Pool C : Gaber Glavic (Slovenia Junior)
1996-97 Pool A : Mika Noronen (Finland Junior)
Pool B : Peter Hirsch (Denmark Junior)
Pool C : Joe Watkins (Great Britain Junior)
Pool D : Sergej Ostrovsky (Israel Junior)
1997-98 Pool A : Kristian Antila (Finland Junior)
Pool B : Robert Müller (Germany Junior)
Pool C : Dmitrijs Zabotinskis (Latvia Junior)
Pool D :

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