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John Brophy Award Winners

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(East Coast Hockey League Coach of the Year)

1988-89 Ron Hansis (Erie)
1989-90 Dave Allison (Virginia)
1990-91 Don Jackson (Knoxville)
1991-92 Doug Sauter (Winston-Salem)
1992-93 Kurt Kleinendorst (Raleigh Ice Caps)
1993-94 Barry Smith (Knoxville)
1994-95 Jim Playfair (Dayton)
1995-96 Roy Sommer (Richmond)
1996-97 Brian McCutcheon (Columbus)
1997-98 Chris Nilan (Chesapeake Icebreakers)
1998-99 Bob Ferguson (Florida)
1999-00 Bob Ferguson (Florida)
2000-01 Troy Ward (Trenton Titans)
2001-02 Dave Farrish (Louisiana Ice Gators)
2002-03 Claude Noel (Toledo Storm)
2003-04 Pat Bingham (Wheeling Nailers)
2004-05 Nick Vitucci (Toledo Storm)

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