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John B Sollenberger Trophy Winners

more about the John B Sollenberger Trophy
 (the AHL leading points scorer in the regular season)

1936-37 Jack Markle (Syracuse Stars)
1937-38 Jack Markle (Syracuse Stars)
1938-39 Don Deacon (Pittsburgh Hornets)
1939-40 Norm Locking (Syracuse Stars)
1940-41 Les Cunningham (Cleveland Barons)
1941-42 Pete Kelly (Springfield Indians)
1942-43 Wally Kilrea (Hershey Bears)
1943-44 Tommy Burlington (Cleveland Barons)
1944-45 Bob Gracie & Bob Walton (Pittsburgh Hornets)
1945-46 Les Douglas (Indianapolis Capitals)
1947-48 Carl Liscombe (Providence Reds)
1948-49 Sid Smith (Pittsburgh Hornets)
1949-50 Les Douglas  (Cleveland Barons)
1950-51 Ab DeMarco (Buffalo Bisons)
1951-52 Ray Powell (Providence Reds)
1952-53 Eddie Olson (Cleveland Barons)
1953-54 Red Sullivan (Hershey Bears)
1954-55 Eddie Olson (Cleveland Barons)
1955-56 Zellio Toppazzini (Providence Reds)
1956-57 Fred Glover (Cleveland Barons)
1957-58 Willie Marshall (Hershey Bears)
1958-59 Bill Hicke (Rochester Americans)
1959-60 Fred Glover (Cleveland Barons)
1960-61 Bill Sweeney (Springfield Indians)
1961-62 Bill Sweeney (Springfield Indians)
1962-63 Bill Sweeney (Springfield Indians)
1963-64 Gerry Ehman (Rochester Americans)
1964-65 Art Stratton (Buffalo Bisons)
1965-66 Dick Gamble (Rochester Americans)
1966-67 Gord Labossiere (Quebec Aces)
1967-68 Simon Nolet (Quebec Aces)
1968-69 Jeannot Gilbert (Hershey Bears)
1969-70 Jude Drouin (Montreal Voyageurs)
1970-71 Fred Speck (Baltimore Clippers)
1971-72 Don Blackburn (Providence Reds)
1972-73 Yvon Lambert (Nova Scotia Voyageurs)
1973-74 Steve West (New Haven Nighthawks)
1974-75 Doug Gibson (Rochester Americans)
1975-76 Jean Guy Gratton (Hershey Bears)
1976-77 Andre Peloffy (Springfield Indians)
1977-78 Rick Adduono (Rochester Americans) & Gord Brooks (Philadelphia Firebirds)
1978-79 Bernie Johnston (Maine Mariners)
1979-80 Normand Dube (Nova Scotia Voyageurs)
1980-81 Mark Lofthouse (Hershey Bears)
1981-82 Mike Kaszycki (New Brunswick Hawks)
1982-83 Ross Yates (Binghamton Whalers)
1983-84 Claude Larose (Sherbrooke Jets)
1984-85 Paul Gardner (Binghamton Whalers)
1985-86 Paul Gardner (Rochester Americans)
1986-87 Tim Tookey (Hershey Bears)
1987-88 Bruce Boudreau (Springfield Indians)
1988-89 Stephan Lebeau (Sherbrooke Canadiens)
1989-90 Paul Ysebaert (Utica Devils)
1990-91 Kevin Todd (Utica Devils)
1991-92 Shaun Van Allen (Cape Breton Oilers)
1992-93 Don Biggs (Binghamton Rangers)
1993-94 Tim Taylor (Adirondack Red Wings)
1994-95 Peter White (Cape Breton Oilers)
1995-96 Brad Smyth (Carolina Monarchs)
1996-97 Peter White (Philadelphia Phantoms)
1997-98 Peter White (Philadelphia Phantoms)
1998-99 Domenic Pittis (Rochester Americans)
1999-00 Christian Matte (Hershey Bears)
2000-01 Derek Armstrong (Hartford Wolf Pack)
2001-02 Donald MacLean (St John's Maple Leafs)
2002-03 Steve Maltais (Chicago Wolves)
2004-05 Jason Spezza (Binghamton Senators)

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