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Dunc McCallum Memorial Trophy Winners

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(Western Hockey League
Coach of the Year)

1968-69 Scotty Munro (Calgary)
1969-70 Pat Ginnell (Flin Flon)
1970-71 Pat Ginnell (Flin Flon)
1971-72 Earl Ingarfield (Regina)
1972-73 Pat Ginnell (Flin Flon)
1973-74 Stan Dunn (Swift Current)
1974-75 Pat Ginnell (Victoria)
1975-76 Ernie McLean (New Westminster)
1976-77 Dunc McCallum (Brandon)
1977-78 Dave King (Billings) & Jack Shupe (Victoria) tied
1978-79 Dunc McCallum (Brandon)
1979-80 Doug Sauter (Calgary)
1980-81 Ken Hodge (Portland)
1981-82 Jack Sangster (Seattle)
1982-83 Daryl Lubiniecki (Saskatoon)
1983-84 Terry Simpson (Prince Albert)
1984-85 Doug Sauter (Medicine Hat)
1985-86 Terry Simpson (Prince Albert)
1986-87 West - Ken Hitchcock (Kamloops) 
East - Graham James (Swift Current)
1987-88 Marcel Comeau (Saskatoon) 
1988-89 Ron Kennedy (Medicine Hat)
1989-90 Ken Hitchcock (Kamloops)
1990-91 Tom Renney (Kamloops)
1991-92 Bryan Maxwell (Spokane)
1992-93 Marcel Comeau (Tacoma)
1993-94 Lorne Molleken (Saskatoon)
1994-95 Don Nachbaur (Seattle)
1995-96 Bob Lowes (Brandon)
1996-97 Brent Peterson (Portland)
1997-98 Dean Clark (Calgary)
1998-99 Don Hay (Tri-Cities)
1999-00 Todd McLellan (Swift Current)
2000-01 Brent Sutter (Red Deer)
2001-02 Bob Lowes (Regina)
2002-03 Marc Habscheid (Kelowna)
2003-04 Kevin Constantine (Everett)
2004-05 Cory Clouston (Kootenay)

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