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Edward Jeremiah Award Winners

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(NCAA coach of the year - College Division)

1969-70 Sid Watson (Bowdoin)
1970-71 Sid Watson (Bowdoin)
1971-72 Jack Canniff (Massachusetts)
1972-73 Jim Cross (Vermont)
1973-74 Barry Urbanski (Boston State)
1974-75 Wendall Forbes (Middlebury)
1975-76 Don Roberts (Gustavus Adolphus)
1976-77 Bill Riley Jr (Lowell)
1977-78 Sid Watson (Bowdoin)
1978-79 Don Brose (Mankato State)
1979-80 Steve Stirling (Babson)
1980-81 Herb Hammond (Plattsburgh State)
1981-82 Steve Stirling (Babson)
1982-83 Mike Gibbons (Bemidji State) & Peter Van Buskirk (Holy Cross)
1983-84 Bob Peters (Bemidji State)
1984-85 Rob Riley (Babson)
1985-86 Terry Meagher (Bowdoin)
1986-87 Tony Mariano (Norwich)
1987-88 Glenn Thomaris (Elmira)
1988-89 Terry Meagher (Bowdoin)
1989-90 Bill Beaney (Middlebury)
1990-91 Glenn Thomaris (Elmira)
1991-92 Bruce Marshall (Connecticut)
1992-93 Joe Baldarotta (WI-Stevens Point)
1993-94 Jeff Meredith (Fredonia)
1994-95 Bill Beaney (Middlebury)
1995-96 Dean Talafous (WI-River Falls)
1996-97 Mike McShane (Norwich)
1997-98 Mike Schwartz (Augsburg)
1998-99 Mike McShane (Norwich)
1999-00 Mike McShane (Norwich)
2000-01 Wayne Wilson (RIT)
2001-02 Dan Stauber (WI-Superior)
2002-03 George Roll (Oswego State)
2003-04 Bill Beaney (Middlebury)

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