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O'Callahan, Jack (- )
Medals : Won Olympic gold in 1980.
Honours : Elected to the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in 2003 (player - 1980 US Olympic Team).
See Ontario National Defence Hockey League
See Ottawa National Defence Hockey League
OCN Blizzard [web site]
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The Pas, Manitoba, Canada. OCN = Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Junior 'A' hockey team. Play in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League.
Home ice : Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre
Team colours : red, white & blue
General manager :
Barry Wolff & Kevin Dickie 2004-05, Kevin Dickie 2005- 
Head coach :
Barry Wolff & Kevin Dickie 2004-05, Kevin Dickie 2005- 
O'Connor, Herbert William 'Buddy' (1916-1977)
Buddy O'Connor featured on the 1949 Hendy Guide
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Centre.
Club Career :
Played for Montreal Royals 1934-41, Montreal Canadiens & Montreal Royals 1941-42, Montreal Canadiens 1942-47 (also two games for Montreal Royals in the 1945-46 season), New York Rangers 1947-51 and Cincinnati Mohawks 1951-53.
Medals : Won the Stanley Cup in 1944 & 1946.
Honours : Elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988 (player).
Won the Hart Trophy in 1948.
NHL All-Star Second Team
centre 1947-48.
NHL All-Star Roster 1949.
O'Connor, Mike (1961- )
Mike O'Connor featured on The Ice Hockey Annual Cover 1991-92
Born in Canada. Defenceman.
International Career : Played for Great Britain 1992-94.
Club Career (playing) : Played for Durham Wasps 1984-93, Humberside Hawks 1993-94 and Sheffield Steelers 1994-97.
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Durham Wasps.
Club Career (managing) : General Manager of Newcastle Riverkings 1998- .
Medals : Won World Championship Pool C gold in 1992.
Won the British Championship in 1995, 1996 & 1997.
Honours : BIHWA All-Star defenceman 1986, 1989 & 1992.
O'Connor, Mike (1967- )
Born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Played both left-wing & right-wing. Brother of Scott O'Connor.
Club Career : Played for Fife Flyers 1983-84 (two games), Kirkcaldy Kestrals 1986-88, Ayr Bruins 1988-89, Glasgow Summit Saints 1990-91, Fife Flyers 1992-93 (one game) and Milton Keynes Kings 1993-95.
Medals : Won British League Division One North 1993-94.
Won British League Promotion Play-Off 1994.
O'Connor, Paddy (- )
Club Career : Played for Solihull Blaze 1998-99.
Medals : Won the English League Premier Play-offs 1999.
Won the English League Premier Division 1998-99.
O'Connor, Scott (1969- )
Netminder. Brother of Mike O'Connor.
International Career : Played for Great Britain 1992-93.
Medals : Won World Championship Pool C gold in 1992.
Ocskay, Gábor (1975- )
International Career : Played for Hungary 1993- .
Club Career : Played for Alba Volán.
Honours : Won Hungary's Leading Points Scorer of the Year Award 1998-99.
i. The Octopus toss was started at the old Olympia Stadium in Detroit by brothers Jerry and Pete Cusimano. They thought that eight legs might be a good omen for eight straight wins for the Detroit Red Wings (there were only two rounds in the Stanley Cup at that time so eight wins was all that was needed to win the cup) and on 15th April, during the first round of the 1952 play-offs (Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs) Pete Cusimano threw a boiled Octopus on to the ice. Although the referees weren't too excited about it, the home crowd went wild. Detroit went on and won four straight games against Toronto that year and then swept Montreal in the Stanley Cup final. Detroit then won two more cups in the next three years. During each Detroit play-off series until 1967, Pete Cusimano brought an Octopus to the rink and tossed it on the ice.
ii. Al Sobotka (Joe Louis Arena Manager) said in 1996 that an unofficial record of 54 Octopi were thrown during one game of the 1995 Stanley Cup final series between Detroit Red Wings and New Jersey Devils. He also stated that Detroit fans throw an average of 25 Octopi per playoff game.

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