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N R (Bud) Poile Trophy
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Awarded annually to the Playoff MVP of the International Hockey League's Turner Cup playoffs. The trophy for was originally called the Turner Cup Playoff MVP Award.
See National Collegiate Athletic Association
Ndur, Rumun (1975- )
Born in Zaria, Nigeria. Defenceman.
Club Career : Played for Acroni Jesenice 2005-06 and Coventry Blaze 2006-07.
See Northern National Defense Hockey League
See Nacka HK
Cable telephone and television company in the UK.
ntl: Christmas Cup
1999-00 : ntl sponsored the competition. The tournament was open to British National League teams and was played on a knockout home-and-away basis over the Christmas and New Year period. There was a qualifying play-off between the bottom two teams from the 1998-99 season and a second qualifying play-off between league newcomers Milton Keynes Kings and Solihull Blaze. The league final standings for the 1998-99 season were used to seed the quarter-finals and semi-finals. Fife Flyers beat Basingstoke Bison 6-5 on aggregate in the two-leg final.
2000-01 :
The British National Leagues's ten teams took part in this competition, in which the first round was played on a regional round-robin from 19th November - 23rd December 2000. In the two-leg semi-finals, the first team in the South faced the leading team in the Midlands and the North's top team met the Midlands runner-up. The winning sides played a home-and-away series with aggregate goals deciding the title.
See Christmas Cup
See North West Hockey League
See North West International Hockey League

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