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Mladenovic, Mato (1978- )
International Career : Played for Croatia in the 1999 World Championship Pool C.
Club Career :
Played for Medvescak.
Mleczko, Allison 'A J' (1975- )
Born in Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA. Defence.
International Career : Played for USA (Women) in the 1998 & 2002 Olympics (Women) and the 1997, 2000 & 2001 World Championships (Women).
Medals : Won Olympic (Women) gold in 1998.
Won Olympic (Women) silver in 2002.
Won World Championship (Women) silver in 1997, 2000 & 2001.
Mlinarec, Dragotin (- )
International Career : Assistant coach for Slovenia in the 1999 World Championship Pool B.

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