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Seen on some hockey statistics - means Losses.
L C Walker Arena
Muskegon, Michigan, USA. 
Home ice for : Muskegon Fury, Muskegon Mohawks
Capacity : 5,100
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
L'Heureux, Wilf (- )
Club Career : Played for Port Arthur Bear Cats 1924-29.
Medals : Won the Allan Cup with Port Arthur Bear Cats in 1925, 1926 and 1929.
LCS Guide to Hockey [web site]
The first issue of the LCS Guide to Hockey was published on the 15th June 1994.  The fortnightly magazine section of the site ceased publication on the 23rd June 1999 but the archive section of the site and the Hockey Over Time area are still active. The web site is almost exclusively NHL but it has the most comprehensive NHL records on the net.
Ldinka Kiev
Kiev, Ukraine. Ldinka = The Piece of Ice. Played in the Eastern Europe Hockey League.
Home ice :
Team colours : 
LDO (Leningrad)
Lhenry, Fabrice (1972- )
International Career : Played for France in the 1992, 1998 & 2002 Olympics, the 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2004 World Championships, the 2000 World Championship Qualification Tournament, the 2001 & 2002 World Championship Division I (Group A), the 2001 & 2005 Olympic Qualification Tournaments, the 2003 & 2005 World Championship Division I (Group B) and the 2004 Olympic Pre-Qualification Tournament.
Club Career : Played for Chamonix.
Medals : Won World Championship Division I (Group A) silver in 2001 & 2002.
Won World Championship Division I (Group B) gold in 2003.
Won World Championship Division I (Group B) silver in 2005.
Honours : Won the Jean Ferrand Trophy in 1995-96.
The Ligue de Hockey Junior Majeur du Québec. See QMJHL
The Ligue de Hockey Senior Majeur du Québec. See Quebec Senior Major Hockey League
The Ligue de Hockey Senior Professional du Quebec.
See Lower St Lawrence Junior Hockey League
See Lower St Lawrence Hockey League

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