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J P McGuire Trophy
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Awarded to the regular season champions of the International Hockey League between 1946 and 1954.  Replaced by the Fred A Huber Trophy from the 1954-55 season.
J Ross Robertson Cup
See Robertson Cup
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Jyväskylä, Finland. Founded in 1977. Played over 15 seasons in the top Finnish division.
Home ice : Jyväskylän jäähalli
Team colours : black, white & red
Head coach : Mika Saarinen 
Retired jersey numbers : 10 18
Jyväskylän jäähalli (also known as Hippos Stadium)
Jyväskylä, Finland.
Home ice for : JYP and Diskos
Capacity : 4,862 (2,500 seats and 2,362 standing)
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 100 feet

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