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Italian Championship
First contested in 1925.
Italy - Men's National Team
See Italy
Itamies, Iiro (- )
Club Career : Played for Tappara Tampere in 1998-99.
ITC (International Transfer Card)
A signed International Transfer Card (ITC) is required of any player who has been a member of a national federation and wants to play in a country administered by another federation. The ITCs are issued under the authority of the IIHF.
Itenov, Louise (- )
International Career : Played for Denmark (Women) in the 1999 World Championship (Women).
Ito, Shuichi (- )
International Career : Played Japan (Junior) in the 1999 World Championship (U20).
"It's Funny When You Win Everything"
A book by Anthony Beer about the exploits of the Cardiff Devils. Published in Abergavenny, Wales in 1994.
Itzichson, Gilbert (- ) 
Honours : Elected to the French Ice Hockey Hall of Fame in 1971.

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