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Isaksson, Hans 'Isak' (1925- )
Born in Sweden. Netminder.
International Career : Played 50 games for Sweden between 1949 and 1955 in World Championships and European Championships.  
Club Career : Played for Gävle Godtemplares IK.
Medals : Won World Championship gold in 1953.
Won the European Championship gold in 1953.
Won the Swedish Championship in 1957.
Isbister, Brad (1977- ) 
Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Right-wing. Winnipeg Jets 4th pick (67th overall) in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft.
International Career :
Played for Canada (Junior) in 1996-97. Played for Canada in the 2000 & 2001 World Championships.
Club Career : Played for Portland Winter Hawks 1993-96, Portland Winter Hawks & Springfield Falcons 1996-97, Phoenix Coyotes & Springfield Falcons 1997-98, Phoenix Coyotes & Springfield Falcons & Las Vegas Thunder 1998-99, New York Islanders 1999-02, New York Islanders & Edmonton Oilers 2002-03, Edmonton Oilers 2003-04 and Boston Bruins 2005- .
Medals : Won World Championship (Junior) gold in 1996-97.
Jersey/Shirt numbers worn : 21
Iserlohner Roosters (ECD Iserlohn)
Logo © Iserlohner Roosters
Iserlohn, Germany. Played in the DEL.
Home ice : Eissporthalle am Seilersee
Team colours : 
Head coach :
Greg Poss, Dave Whistle 2003-04 (left after 9 games)
Ishallen Delfinen
Luleå, Sweden.
Home ice for : Luleå Bears
Capacity : 6,500
Ice pad size : 
Ishmatov, Rafael (- )
Club Career : Coached SKA 1999-01.
An annual yearbook of ice hockey edited by Brunnhages Förlag AB between 1974 and 1986. Used as a source for the Swedish part of the A to Z Encyclopaedia of Ice Hockey.
ISL (Ice-hockey Superleague Ltd)
See Superleague
ISL Challenge Cup
See Challenge Cup
Isle of Wight Raiders [web site]
Logo © Isle of Wight Raiders
Ryde, Isle of Wight, England. Founded in 1991 as Solent Vikings, name changed to Wightlink Raiders in 1992 and to Isle of Wight Raiders in 1999. Played in the English Premier League 1999- .
Home ice : Ryde Arena
Team colours : white, black & silver
Head coach : Luc Chabot 1999-02, Jason Coles 2002- 
Honours : Won the English Cup in 2001.
Isojima, Akihito (1973- )
International Career : Played for Japan in the 1999 World Championships Pool A.
Isonmäen jäähalli
See Porin jäähalli
Isotalo, Pentti (1927- )
Born in Tampere, Finland.  After his playing career he became a top Finnish SM-liiga referee.  See Pentti Isotalo Trophy
Honours : Elected to the Finnish Ice Hockey Hall of Fame in 1985 (player).
Won the Unto Wiitala Trophy in 1971.
Israel Mens National Team
See Israel
Israeli Championship
First contested in 1990.
Issel, Kim (1967- )
Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Right-wing.
Club Career : Played for Durham Wasps 1995-96.
Isvejtsia Cup (Izvestia Cup)

Contested in Moscow, Russia. The name given to the Isvejtsia Tournament for the 1996-97 season when it formed part of the Euro Hockey Tour and was contested by Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia and Sweden. Name changed to Baltic Cup in 1997-98. 
Isvejtsia Tournament
Contested in Moscow, USSR between the 1966-67 and 1995-96 seasons.  From 1996-97 it became the Isvejtsia Cup. Over the years, the tournament involved the Canada, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, East Germany (DDR), Finland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and the USSR.

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