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In Deep
The phrase is used to describe the area closest to the end boards of the rink.
In Low
A term used to described the location of a player on the ice - when the attacker is within 20 feet of the goaline. Also referred to as Low.
In The Crease [web site won our "Ice Hockey News Site of the Year" in 1999]
The website covers all North American pro leagues (NHL, AHL, IHL, ECHL, WPHL, WCHL, UHL, CHL). During the playoffs there is a summary of every game for all leagues. The website hosts a voter based logo contest and presents a minor-pro player of the year award. The award is for on and off the ice actions (70% on ice play, 30% off ice time given to community.) The website has been named by Sport Magazine as its second best website beating sites such as and
Independence Arena
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The refurbished Charlotte Coliseum opened in 1993 as the Independence Arena. Now known as Cricket Arena.
Home ice for : Charlotte Checkers 1993-
Capacity : 9,605
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
Indianapolis Capitals 
Logo ©
Played in the American Hockey League.
Home ice :

Team colours :
Affiliations have included : Detroit Red Wings 1946-48
Head coach : Tommy Ivan 1946-47
Honours : Won the Calder Cup in 1942 & 1950.
Indianapolis Checkers
Logo © Indianapolis Checkers
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Played in the Central Hockey League 1979-84. Played in the International Hockey League 1984-87.
Home ice :
Team colours : 
Affiliations have included : Boston Bruins 1984-85, New Jersey Devils 1986-87
General manager : Jim Devellano 1979-80
Indianapolis Chiefs
Logo © Indianapolis Chiefs
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Played in the International Hockey League 1955-62.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Honours : Won the International Hockey League Championship in 1958.
Indianapolis Ice [web site]
Logo © Indianapolis Ice
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Played in the International Hockey League 1988-99 and Central Hockey League 1999-04.
Home ice : Market Square Arena, Pepsi Coliseum & Conseco Fieldhouse (1999-01), Pepsi Coliseum (2001-04)
Team colours : purple, black, silver & white
Affiliations have included : Chicago Blackhawks, Hartford Whalers 1988-89
General manager : Brad Beery, Rod Davidson
Head coach : Bruce Cassidy 1998-99, Rod Davidson 1999-02, Ken McRae 2002-04
Honours : Won the IHL Championship in 1990.
Won the Ray Miron Cup in 2000.
Indianapolis Racers
Logo © Indianapolis Racers
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Founded 1974. The Racers were an expansion franchise with the World Hockey Association in the 1974-75 season. They played five seasons in WHA but folded in the middle of the 1978-79 season.  This was Wayne Gretzky's first professional team.
Home ice : Market Square Arena
Team colours : red, white & blue
Affiliations have included : Mohawk Valley Comets 1974-77
General manager : Chuck Catto (Director of Player Personnel) 1974-75, James Browitt 1975-76, Jacques Demers 1976-77, Ron Ingram (Director of Player Personnel) 1977-78
Head coach : Gerry Moore 1974-75, Jacques Demers 1975-77, Ron Ingram 1977-78
Violation or infringement of the rules. Players are sent off the ice for 2, 5 or 10 minute penalties. If the penalty is serious, the player may be suspended for the remainder of the game.
Stockholm, Sweden. Formerly known as the Vilundahallen.
Home ice for : Väsby IKHK
Capacity : 3,601
Ice pad size : 
Inglis, Billy (- )
Club Career : Played for Cincinnati Swords 1972-73.
Honours : Won the Les Cunningham Plaque in 1972-73.
Inglis, Gordon (1947- )
International Career :
Played for Great Britain 1971-73.
Club Career : Played for Murrayfield Racers 1969-70 & 1971-73 & 1975-76.
Medals : Won the Northern League 1975-76.
Honours : Best Defenceman World Championships Pool C in 1971.
Won NIHA Player of the Year 1969-70
NIHA All-Star B Team defenceman 1975-76
Ingman, Jyrki (- )
Finnish SM-liiga linesman.
Honours : Won the Pentti Isotalo Trophy in 1990.
Ingolstadt (ERC Ingolstadt)
Logo ©
Ingolstadt, Germany. Known as Ingolstadt Panthers. Played in the German Bundesliga.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Inline Hockey
Played on roller blades, this sport has its origins in ice hockey and also has the IIHF as its governing body.
Inline Skates
Roller skates with wheels set in a line to imitate the ice skate blade. The first inline skates went on sale in 1823. Now known as roller blades.
Capital city of the Tyrol region of Austria.  Hosted the IXth Winter Olympics in 1964 and the XIIth Winter Olympics in 1976.
Innsbruck (GEV Innsbruck)
Logo ©
Innsbruck, Austria.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Honours : Won the Austrian Championship in 1989.
Innsbruck (HC TWK Innsbruck)
Logo © HC TWK Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Austria. Played in the Austrian Uniqa Liga 2001-02.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Innsbruck (IEV Innsbruck)
Logo ©
Innsbruck, Austria. Played in the Austrian League 1985-87 & 1990-91.
Home ice :
Team colours : 
Head coach :
Blair MacDonald 1986-87
Innsbrucker EV
Logo ©
Innsbruck, Austria.
Home ice :
Team colours :
Honours : Won the Austrian Championship in 1953, 1954, 1958, 1959, 1961 & 1963.
Inose, Hideo (- )
Born in Japan. One of the "original" players in the Japanese league. Inose was among the league's top 10 scorers 1967, 1971, 1973, 1974 and 1975.
Club Career : Played for Furukawa Denko between 1966-79.
Insam, Adolf (- )
International Career (coaching) : Coached Italy in the 1999 World Championships Pool A.
Club Career (coaching) : Coached Milano Vipers 1998- .
Insam, Leo (- )
International Career : Played for Italy in the 1998 Olympics.
Inside Hockey
Inside Hockey Magazine Cover Vol. 4 No. 4 February/March 1991
Published by The Hockey News of Don Mills, Ontario, Canada. Covers North American hockey (not NHL exclusive). Issued monthly during the hockey season and bi-monthly at other times.
Sometimes a player will drop his gloves and provoke a fight with another player.  After the fight has been stopped, the player instigating the fight will be accessed an additional minor penalty.
Insurance Goal
"What is an insurance goal?"  Here is a scenario - Boston beats Florida 3-1. The scores go 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 and 3-1. The first Bruins goal is the Go Ahead Goal, the 2nd Bruins goal is the Game Winning Goal because the Panthers only scored once and the third goal was the insurance goal (icing on the cake).
Inter-City League
Logo © Inter City IHL
Formed in 1978 and contested for the four seasons 1978-79 to 1981-82. The Inter-City League together with the English League North, contained those teams who had previously played in the Southern League. The Inter-City League was known as English League South in 1981-82. In the 1981-82 season there was also an English National League which ran alongside the English League South (Inter-City League) and the English League North.
i. Infraction - when a player hinders or restrains an opponent not immediately involved in playing the puck
ii. Officials' Signal - the official crosses his arms at the wrist, with his fists clenched, in front of his chest.
Intermediate Trophy
See Southern Intermediate League
International American Hockey League
See International-American Hockey League
International Amphitheater
Chicago, Illinois, USA. Built 1934.
Home ice for : Chicago Cougars 1972-75
Capacity : 9,000
Ice pad size : 200 feet x 85 feet
"International Encyclopedia of Winter Sports"
Book by Howard Bass, published in 1971 by Pelham Books.
International Hockey Guide
This guide was first published in 1976-77 and ran until 1982-83.  There was one further edition in 1985-86. It was published by Tom Ratschunas.
International Hockey League (1929-36)
A minor pro league which operated between the 1929-30 season and the 1935-36 season. In 1936 it amalgamated with the Canadian-American Hockey League to form the International-American Hockey League

There were eight teams in the league's opening season - Buffalo Bisons, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Olympics, Hamilton Tigers, London Panthers, Niagara Falls Cataracts, Toronto Millionaires and Windsor Bulldogs. In the final season of the league there were two divisions with four teams in each division - Eastern Division and Western Division.

1929-30 : Cleveland Indians (Regular Season) - Cleveland Indians (Play-off Champions)
1930-31 : Buffalo Bisons (Regular Season) - Windsor Bulldogs (Play-off Champions)
1931-32 : Buffalo Bisons (Regular Season) - Buffalo Bisons (Play-off Champions)
1932-33 : London Tecumsehs (Regular Season) - Buffalo Bisons (Play-off Champions)
1933-34 : Detroit Olympics (Regular Season) - London Tecumsehs (Play-off Champions)
1934-35 : Detroit Olympics (Regular Season) - Detroit Olympics (Play-off Champions)
1935-36 : Detroit Olympics (Regular Season) - Detroit Olympics (Play-off Champions)
International Hockey League (1945-01)

The International Hockey League (IHL) was a minor pro league founded in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1945. At its inception, the league consisted of four teams - two in Detroit, Michigan and two in Windsor, Ontario. The IHL grew to include teams across the United States and Canada, with a high of 19 teams in four divisions during the 1995-96 season. When the league ceased operations after the 2000-01 season there were 11 teams in its two conferences - Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Six of those 11 teams - Chicago Wolves, Grand Rapids Griffins, Houston Aeros, Manitoba Moose, Milwaukee Admirals and Utah Grizzlies joined the American Hockey League from the 2001-02 season. The other five teams - Detroit Vipers, Cincinnati Cyclones, Cleveland Lumberjacks, Kansas City Blades and Orlando Solar Bears all folded after the 2000-01 season.
Presidents : 
Gerald McHugh
Jack Riley 1979-83
Bud Poile 1983-89
Douglas G Moss 1998-01
International Ice Hockey Federation
International Ice Hockey League
First contested 1999-00. A european eight team club competition with teams from Austria, Hungary and Slovakia -  effectively, replaced the Alpenliga. Teams to compete in first IIHL season were HC Alba Volan, HK Acroni Jesenice, Dunaferr SE, Erste VEU Feldkirch, EC Klagenfurter, HK Olimpija, VSV Villach and WEV Wiener. 
i. league winners :
1999-00 VSV Villach
ii play-off winners :
1999-00 EC Klagenfurter
International Ice Hockey Players Association
Founded in 1995. A grouping of European players associations whose objectives are to provide a means of co-operation, consultation and sharing of information between member associations. Formally launched at the 1995 World Championships in Sweden. The founder members were the ice hockey players associations of Finland, Germany, Great Britain and Sweden - they were later joined by the players associations of Norway and Russia.
International Intercollegiate Hockey League
Referred to as the IIHL.
International Professional Hockey League
A major pro league that operated for three seasons between 1904 and 1907. Confusingly it was also referred to as the IHL.
International Skating Union [web site]
Founded in 1892.  The governing body for all Speed Skating, Short Track Speed Skating, Figure Skating, and Precision Team Skating in the world.  Governed amateur hockey in North America prior to the formation of the USAHA.
International Transfer Card (ITC)
A signed International Transfer Card (ITC) is required of any player who has been a member of a national federation and wants to play in a country administered by another federation. The ITCs are issued under the authority of the IIHF.
International-American Hockey League
Founded in 1936 as a minor pro league. The merger of the Canadian-American Hockey League and the International Hockey League resulted in the creation of the International-American Hockey League. The International-American Hockey League operated under this title 1936-40 and then changed its name to the American Hockey League from the start of the 1940-41 season.

1936-37 : Eastern Division - New Haven Eagles, Philadelphia Ramblers, Providence Reds and Springfield Indians; Western Division - Buffalo Bisons, Cleveland Barons, Pittsburgh Hornets and Syracuse Stars.
1937-38 : Eastern Division - New Haven Eagles, Philadelphia Ramblers, Providence Reds and Springfield Indians; Western Division - Cleveland Barons, Pittsburgh Hornets and Syracuse Stars.
1938-39 : Eastern Division - New Haven Eagles, Philadelphia Ramblers, Providence Reds and Springfield Indians; Western Division - Cleveland Barons, Hershey Bears, Pittsburgh Hornets and Syracuse Stars.
1939-40 : Eastern Division - New Haven Eagles, Philadelphia Ramblers, Providence Reds and Springfield Indians; Western Division - Cleveland Barons, Hershey Bears, Indianapolis Capitols, Pittsburgh Hornets and Syracuse Stars.

1936-37 : Philadelphia Ramblers (Regular Season) - Syracuse Stars (Play-off Champions)
1937-38 : Cleveland Barons (Regular Season) - Providence Reds (Play-off Champions)
1938-39 : Philadelphia Ramblers (Regular Season) - Cleveland Barons (Play-off Champions)
1939-40 : Providence Reds (Regular Season) - Providence Reds (Play-off Champions)
Internet Hockey Database [web site]
Logo © Ralph Slate
Founded in 1997.  Compiled and edited by Ralph Slate.  This searchable archive contains team standings and scoring statistics of every North American professional team and many North American junior, NCAA and amateur teams since 1926-27.  It also archives the logos of many of those teams and minor league hockey trading cards.
Inter-Provincial Hockey Union
Referred to as the IPAHU.
Interprovincial Professional Hockey League
Operated for the 1910-11 season. A three team league, the teams played each other four times (two home, two away).
1910-11 : Halifax Crescents, Moncton Victorias and New Glasgow Cubs.
Interprovincial Senior League
Interstate Junior Hockey League
Referred to as the IJHL.
Intranuovo, Ralph (1973- ) 
Born in East York, Ontario, Canada. Centre.
International Career :
Played for Canada (Junior) in 1992-93.
Club Career : Played for Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds 1990-93, Cape Breton Oilers 1993-96 (also 14 games for Edmonton Oilers), Hamilton Bulldogs 1996-97 (also three games for Toronto Maple Leafs & five for Edmonton Oilers) and Manitoba Moose 1997- .
Inverness Jags
Logo ©
Inverness, Scotland. Played in the Scottish National League 2001-02.
Home ice :  
Team colours :
Invicta Dynamites
Logo ©
Gillingham, Kent, England. Under 14 team playing in the English Junior Championships.
Home ice : The Ice Bowl
Team colours :
Honours :
Won the English Junior U14 Championship in 2000.
Invicta Dynamos [web site]
Logo © Invicta Dynamos
Gillingham, Kent, England.  Founded in 1997. Played in the English National League and the English League Southern Conference in 1997-98. Played in the English League Premier Division from 1998-01. Played in the English National Premier League 2001- .
Home ice : The Ice Bowl
Team colours : (green & black)
General manager : Sean Clement 
Head coach : Andy Hannah
Honours : Won the English National Premier League 2001-02
Invicta Knights
Logo ©
Gillingham, Kent, England. Recreational team playing at the Gillingham Ice Bowl.
Home ice : The Ice Bowl
Team colours :

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